Home Remedies for Herpes

Under the name of herpes is understood a viral infection that is evoked by two types of simplex virus: 1 and 2. The condition features the appearances of blisters and sores that are painful generally in the area of the mouth (type 1) and in the genital area (type 2). In the first case it is called oral herpes and it is pretty common. In the second case it is genital herpes. There are also such conditions as ocular and cerebral herpes, as well as neonatal herpes and herpes gladiatorum and so on. However, the latter conditions are not common.

When it comes to oral herpes, there are a lot of different home remedies to treat it. It might take time and be pretty annoying but it is not really dangerous. One of the first things to do about herpes is to drink some herbal tea- peppermint or green tea will be just fine. Herbal teas possess soothing effect and therefore are recommended as home remedies for herpes. Black tea is also used as it contains tannin and possesses anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. It is recommended to apply tea for the affected area several times a day. It is also effective to apply ice-packs for the sores in order to alleviate the condition.

Home remedies for herpes also include lemon balm and melissa essential oils. These two are famous for their antiviral properties and are considered pretty effective in the battle with herpes. Besides, aloe vera is also very frequently used in these purposes. Backing soda can also be really helpful in case you got a blister. It should be applied to the area that is affected with a cotton ball dipped in the mixture.

Siberian ginseng also refers to home remedies for herpes. However, it is more effective for genital herpes. Siberian ginseng is a great immune system buster and it provides energy and improves wellness. It is recommended for increasing life tonus as well as improves mental state and physical endurance. It is administered orally but in cases of genital herpes it can be used topically. Apart from it Epson salts can be recommended. It is all in all it is advised to drink a lot of fluid in order to be proper hydrated and to get rid of the toxins. Besides, sugar and fast foods are better be avoid as well as cigarettes and alcohol.

Echinacea is also used in order to treat herpes. It is recommended to be taken trice a day internally. Other herbs such as burdock root, cinnamon and nettle as well as orange peel and chamomile and St John’s wort and etc. are also recommended to take with the onset of herpes.

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