3 Morning Habits That Help Lose Weight

Your attempts to lose weight may well be hindered by the routine mistakes you make in the morning. Yes, even if the rest of your day is filled with cucumber snacks and yoga sessions, your mornings could still be the culprit. Read on to learn what morning habits can help you get rid of extra pounds.

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Sweating in a gym and limiting your calorie intake are considered a must if your goal is to be able to wear those skinny pants you have dreamed of for a long time. However, these are not the only measures you can take to lose weight. Overhauling your morning routine can also bear fruit, and here is how you can do it.

Habit #1. Make breakfast your main meal

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If all you eat in the morning is a cup of coffee (which means you do not eat at all!), it’s time you reevaluated your attitude to eating a big breakfast. If your breakfast is a meal, not some burger or snack, it prepares your body for the day and helps prevent food cravings afterwards. The theory is backed by scientific evidence: scientists from Tel Aviv University reported that eating a big breakfast instead of a big lunch helps maintain weight. Besides, the diet described by them is said to be able to reduce the total daily insulin dose for those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Habit #2. Take morning strolls

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Not only is walking itself beneficial to health, it also exposes you to sunlight, which has recently turned out to contribute to weight loss. When sun rays reach subcutaneous fat cells, which are also called white fat cells, they make them shrink. The effect is attributed to the blue light, which is known to be able to improve mood and boost attention. Due to shrinkage, fat cells cannot store as much fat as they did before they were affected by sunlight, which promotes weight loss. However, it does not mean you should sunbathe all days long, as it can be dangerous. Besides, it remains unknown what duration and intensity are enough to activate the pathways responsible for the effect.

By the way, it also explains why many of us tend to put on weight in winter: it’s not only our eating more and moving less that are to blame (though they are major contributors!).

Habit #3. Exercise in the morning

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Needless to say, exercising is beneficial to health, but you can reap even more benefits if you squeeze your yoga routine into your morning schedule. Be it jogging, HIIT, yoga or whatever else you do to make yourself move, it’s recommended to do it in the morning, as such an approach can help you lose weight: first, you are likely to eat less by doing so; second, you burn more calories if you have not had breakfast yet. A team of scientists from Northumbria University revealed that you can lose up to 20% more calories if you exercise before breakfast. Besides, those who exercise in the morning are less likely to consume extra calories. Researchers suppose it is explained by the energizing effect of exercise: if you have not stretched your muscles, you are sleepy, and to compensate for the stress, you may start eating more. That is why exercising in the morning is most effective.

As seen from the list above, you don’t have to change a lot in your efforts to lose weight. Just reschedule your exercise sessions, don’t forget to spend some time outdoors, and don’t neglect breakfasts.

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