Natural Help for Constipation

Constipation occurs in everyone and if it is not a chronic condition, it can be attended with natural help for constipation easily. It is necessary that our organisms remove wastes in order to stay healthy. However, with constipation it gets problematic and various disorders even can develop.

In case you have this condition from time to time, it is not a reason to get really worried. There is natural help for constipation that is pretty effective for temporary problems of the kind. But serious prolonged condition should not be neglected. It is recommended to apply for the help of a doctor for a medical diagnosis and treatment. Here is the list of the most popular means of natural help for constipation.

The first recommendation is to drink more water. It is generally essential for a person’s organism and health as long as we mostly consist of fluid. Besides, water improves the bowel evacuation and provides proper hydration and it is something a person cannot live without at all.

Next very important thing is a proper diet plan. Healthy foods are the first things that should be adhered to in case of constipation. Balanced diet is a great natural help for constipation and poor diet is an enemy for health #1. Fatty and junk food should be eliminated from the diet and fruit and vegetable intake increased.

Besides, fiber intake should be increased as well. After water, fiber is something that is the most crucial for proper bowels functioning. Fiber is essential in the process of digestion as it goes through the digestive tract and helps to relieve bowels very effectively. Dietary fiber can be found in fruits and vegetables and also in whole grains and legumes and it is also sold separately in the stores. It is a great natural help for constipation.

Prunes and prune juice are also considered natural help for constipation. Apart from prunes there are also figs and apples and berries that can serve the same function. However, prunes are considered the most effective.

Constipation can also be caused by the excess of caffeine in the diet of a person. That is why it is recommended to avoid coffee or caffeine containing products in order to alleviate the condition. Caffeine is believed to dehydrate an organism and this leads to difficulty with bowel evacuation to some extent. If you cannot live without coffee, it is recommended to substitute it with juices for some time to relieve defecation process.

It might sound rather strange but the more active a person is the less he is inclined to have problems with defecation. Healthy bowel movement is also the result of activity and not sedentary lifestyle. Jogging, swimming, and even walking on a regular basis are also considered natural help for constipation.

Moreover, it should be taken into consideration that chronic constipation can lead to the development of hemorrhoids and this is a very serious condition. One thing that a person should not do is to wait if there is a natural urge. It is also not recommended to apply for the help of any laxatives and any non-natural means of relieving constipation as they evoke adjustment and do not represent any real benefit for health.

Remember, that what you eat is essential. Do not forget to drink often and include a lot of physical activity into your schedule. Besides, if your condition is prolonged, consult a doctor.

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