6 Habits to Stay Healthy

We understand it is difficult to make yourself join some club, exercise regularly and eat greens all days long. That is why we want to introduce you a set of tips aimed at making your body healthier without much effort – it will take some part of your will to make changes, but the effect is definitely worth it.

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It is always difficult to make changes to your habits, especially if they are not healthy. However, most of us would benefit from more exercises and current diet reevaluation. It can be a challenge to start living a healthy lifestyle overnight, and if you switch to another eating pattern and decide to become a sportsman in one day, you are likely to fail.

In order to avoid such frustration, it is recommended to take small steps towards a better lifestyle – such an approach will help you get used to new things easier and faster without the risk of giving up all attempts to become better.

Here are several tips which can help you stay healthy (almost) without effort.

  1. Start your morning with a glass of fresh water. Most people do not drink enough water, and adding one more glass after waking up is a small contribution which can produce a great effect: it can boost metabolism, help you get up easier, and, according to some people, it can help lose weight. Also, drinking a glass of water means you will eat less and thus consume fewer calories while having breakfast. Put a glass of water on your end table and drink it when you wake up. You can add some lemon juice to make it more refreshing or even make a fruit drink in advance: add berries to 2 l water and bring to a boil. Boil the liquid for several minutes (say, 10-15 minutes – provided it’s not pears and apples which require boiling them for half an hour), then let it cool. Do not add sugar, otherwise you will spoil your healthy drink!
  2. Another morning tip: stretch! Stretching is beneficial for your body, as it increases blood flow to muscles and helps the body wake up and get more energy.
  3. Eat only healthy snacks. Away with those chocolate bars full of sugar and palm oil! You can feel full between meals using healthier options, like berry smoothies, whole grain crackers with avocado and fish rich in Omega-3 (like tuna, for example; yes, we know that tilapia is cheaper, but it won’t do), or a handful of nuts. And why avoiding greens? They’re tasty, after all! Snacks account for one third of calorie intake, and it is just as important to make snacks healthy as avoiding food rich in sodium and fat in your meals.
  4. Eat breakfast. Whether it is beneficial to eat in the morning remains a controversial question, but there is evidence suggesting it is the most important meal. Instead of bacon and pastry, opt for plain yoghurt and fruits. Having breakfast can help you prepare for a new day – just don’t hurry!
  5. Don’t ignore laundering. Now that most people have a washing machine it is extremely easy to launder linen, but this chore is often neglected. Sheets and pillowcases must be washed regularly in order to remove dust mites which get there, as these are an allergy trigger that can cause problems. In order to protect your mattress, you special anti-mite covers.
  6. Turn off your phone. Really, we mean it. Stop texting and surfing the Net when you are not working or studying – do not let endless social network pages defeat the beauty of real life. Look around and look at the sky – we are not joking. Listen to the silence. There is a lot in the world we are missing these days. Memento mori and value what you have: do you really think all those careers and wealth are worth it?

There is a connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind. Help someone in need or just talk to your neighbor – real life is there, and no tablet or smartphone can be a substitution for the complex and magnificent world we live in.


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