Hair Loss Solutions for Men – Choose the Best One for Your Case

Several hair loss solutions for men can treat several types of hair loss in men. However there isn’t one hair loss solution which can cope with all cases of hair loss in men! This article is intended to help people with androgenic alopecia, also known as men pattern baldness.

This condition is caused by a genetic predisposition to release extra androgens and to be sensitive to them. Androgens belong to male sex hormones. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is the most problematic of male hormones.

Excessive DHT supply is responsible for hair loss or pattern baldness.

In fact, it enters the scalp and binds to the follicles; this does not allow them to absorb the necessary nutrients from the blood flow.

There are 2 effective anti-androgens widely used by men suffering from male alopecia. One of them is Propecia (finasteride) which is approved by the FDA. The other is saw palmetto which is the natural alternative of the first anti-androgen. It works similarly and is the most common hair loss solution for men.

Because of potential sexual adverse effects related to finasteride, most men prefer to use saw palmetto.

One of the most trusted hair loss solutions for men is Rogaine (minoxidil). This treatment is also approved by FDA. As a matter of fact, Rogaine is known to show a respectable rate of success which is up to 64%.

Actually, minoxidil acts by expanding vessels found in the scalp, and restoring sufficient blood supply to the hair. In fact, it undoes the effect caused by DHT. This treatment is effective only if the hair follicles aren’t dead totally.

Apply a 5% minoxidil to the areas affected every morning for fighting male pattern hair loss.

These hair loss solutions for men, if used individually, have shown tremendous effect in fighting male pattern baldness. They turned out to be effective for the majority of cases. But, if these hair loss solutions for men are used simultaneously, the chances of success rise significantly.

DHT blockers and minoxidil used together work miracles for hair

Provillus is another popular hair loss solution for men. As a matter of fact, it includes both a 5 % minoxidil solution and a natural DHT blocker.

Consider this! If your hair loss problem is still treatable (you are not completely bald… have receding or thinning), you should first find the cause of your hair loss consulting with the experts and then opt for the most appropriate hair loss solution for men which will definitely work for you.


  1. Thanks for sharing this important information with us. My husband is suffering from hair loss for a long time. His hair getting thinner day by day and it increasing baldness. I will share this post with I hope it will help. Wish you a good weekend ahead.

  2. I’ve been starting to lose some of my hair the past few months. It’s helpful to know that excessive DHT binds to hair follicles and causes them to lose nutrients. How exactly would I get tested to see if this is the cause of my hair loss?

  3. Im 30 year old male i Had Loss My hair from the front both side…

    I was not caring my hair since long but now i care it much…i apply onion juice on the bald place aout a week but not result found…and i dont know what is rogaine and how to apply…please suggest me..

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