Useful Tips for Removing Genital Warts at Home

Genital warts are not a thing to be neglected, and it is recommended to visit a doctor once you have found one. However, if you do not have such an opportunity, there are still ways to alleviate the symptoms and ameliorate the effects of the virus causing them.

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Genital warts and the sensations they bring are the way human papillomavirus, which is usually abbreviated as HPV, manifests itself in the human body. However, not all types of the virus cause warts, and in many cases, the virus carrier does not even know about it. Yet it’s not that harmless: there are strains capable even of contributing to cancer development. 90% of HPV-associated warts in the groin area are caused by only two strains, namely, type 6 and type 11.

Genital warts can be accompanied by itching, bleeding, and irritation. It is strongly recommended that all genital warts be examined by a doctor, but there are situations in which there is no way to do it. Here are some home remedies you may consider and tips on how to alleviate the symptoms.


Common wart removal medicines that do not require a prescription to be purchased must not be used as a genital wart treatment. The skin in the genital area has its peculiarities, and serious burning can follow the application of such medicines.


As far as genital wart remedies are concerned, the tea tree can be used in two ways. First, it can provide tea tree oil, and second, it is concentrated green tea that can be effective against warts in the genital area.

Oil of the tea tree can be used as a home remedy, but it should be diluted. The ratio is 1:2: take one drop of tea tree oil and mix it with two drops of coconut or some other carrier oil. Note that it can cause irritation and is not designed for internal use. Also, some people may be allergic to it, so consult a doctor before using it.

There is also evidence suggesting green tea can help remove genital warts: the green tea leaf water extract is approved by the FDA and called sinecatechins. Although the mechanism behind it remains unknown, it is reported to help get rid of warts in the genital area. While it takes more time to affect the lesions than other treatments, such as imiquimod, the irritation it causes is less severe, and the clearance rate is also better. The drug based on it called Veregen can be prescribed by your doctor and used at home. However, it’s not the only way you can use green tea for wart treatment. Another option is to buy green tea extract and add 2 drops of it to coconut oil. This mixture can then be applied to genital warts.


One more extract among possible home remedies is garlic extract. You can try applying garlic extract mixed with oil to warts in order to help clear up the lesions. A team of investigators from Shiraz University reported such an approach appears to be quite effective.

Apple cider vinegar

The medications prescribed to those with genital warts often include acidic ingredients. There is a natural remedy that has the same effect: apple cider vinegar can be applied to warts to try to kill the virus behind them.


Besides the remedies mentioned above, you can cleanse the affected area often and keep it dry to make itching and irritation abate.

  • Sitz baths. Taking sitz bath will not remove warts in the genital area, but sitting in warm water for 10-15 minutes a day can serve two purposes: first, it cleanses the area, and second, it increases blood flow to it.
  • Drying the genital area with a hair dryer or a heat lamp is another option you may consider. However, you must make sure the device you are drying the skin with is at least eighteen inches from the surface being heated.


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