Coconut Oil, Milk, and Water

The benefits of coconut products have become a buzzword around the globe. It gets people from all walks of life and ages to rush to groceries and seek the life-saving wonder-meal, now that it is no longer an exotic thing for even the northernmost climate. There are good reasons to believe that these three coconut ingredients are very healthy.

People, who live in tropical areas and have eaten it for centuries, shine with health. Coconut oil, milk, and water boast numerous healthy properties.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is great both as a food ingredient and a hair/skin-conditioning product. It has proved to be an excellent substitute for dairy butter and other oils, which we use when cooking. Particularly, coconut oil can replace those when cooking baked and/or fried meals. Specifically, it is great for sauteing and stir-frying. Once you accept it as one of your cooking ingredients, you can stop worrying about such a sad thing as bad cholesterol.

It is no secret that coconut oil is beneficial for your skin and hair. There are tons of high-quality creams and shampoos containing it. It has a strong hydrating effect on the skin and therefore keeps it young for a long time. After but one use the effect on your hair can be fantastic: it will turn smoother, glossier, and thicker.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is another ingredient, which is extracted from coconut meat. One great thing about it is that it is processed in the body in a natural way similar to breast milk. It does not usually pose any trouble even for those who have never drunk it. Coconut milk is nothing less than a mix of coco meat and water. It is rich in saturated fats, and there is no such thing as trans fat. Also, it contains medium-chain fatty acids, which are well digested by the human body and do not leave any harmful byproducts behind. Finally, coconut milk substitutes cow’s milk for those who cannot drink it due to lactose intolerance. Also, there is a broad range of vitamins, including C, E, and B (1, 3, 5, 6). Coconut milk goes well as a food ingredient and as a separate beverage. Depending on that, it can differ in thickness. No matter how healthy a product is, please, take it in moderate amounts! Coconut milk is the best when it is straight out of a recently picked coconut.

Coconut Water (Juice)

Coconut juice is another great source of nutrients: it is full of enzymes, electrolytes (electrolyte potassium), minerals, such as calcium, sodium, selenium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, and natural sugars, etc. If you shake a young coconut (5-7 months of age), you will hear juice slosh around inside. In coconuts of this age, the juice is the clearest and most nutritious. Locals take the juice from just-picked coconuts regularly and thus get their share of health first-hand. Thanks to the abundance of electrolytes, coconut water is an excellent cure against dehydration. It also contains lauric acid, which kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and improves the immune system.

Coconut-based Products

Both coconut milk and water are used in cocktails and smoothies. Coconut butter is a perfect mix of pureed meat, milk, and water. Apart from the ingredients mentioned above, it contains a good deal of fiber. All substances are easily processed in the human body and do not cause any problems. If you appreciate milk, please, choose one with a medium concentration of fats.

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