Junk Food Facts

Slowly but steadily people become aware of the harmful effects of fast food. There are still a lot of op people who find this type of food pretty appealing and hard to resist. However, the number of ones concerned about their health is increasing. This article gives certain information about junk foods and is aimed to educate people about the effects of continuous consumption of such foods.

Under junk food is understood the products with a small nutrition value and a great number of harmful ingredients.

The term itself was introduced in 1972 by Michael Jacobson. Such foods are considered extremely unhealthy and their intake should be minimized in order to stay healthy. Junk food contains enormous amounts of sugar as well as a lot of other unhealthy ingredients. Frequent consumption is capable to evoke obesity, provided that the person lacks activity. This is even more upsetting when the topic of kids is concerned. There are so many cases of obesity at such young age and frequently because of the harmful addiction to junk foods.

Junk Food Facts

As it has been aforementioned, junk foods are loaded with sugar. Soda alone contains 10 teaspoons of sugar. Imagine eating them plain.

  • Therefore people should think twice before placing the order on it; people on diet should be simply forbidden to drink it.
  • Sugar present in junk food evokes insulin spikes leading to metabolic problems.
  • Junk foods are high in calories and low in minerals and vitamins.
  • Junk food is also loaded with bad cholesterol such as oxycholesterol which is responsible for the development of heart illnesses.
  • The consumption of junk foods in large amounts is even more harmful in case of kids. The foods for kids are more strongly artificially flavored and are more dangerous because kids become unable to taste and appreciate normal healthy food with its natural flavor and sweetness.
  • Rashes, asthma and other problems like hyperactivity are all can be a consequence of fast food addiction.
  • 12.5 million of children are overweight in the United States are considered overweight; in many respects their condition is evoked by fast food and overeating.
  • Chips, cookies, candy bars, muffins, fried foods and so on are high in hydrogenated oils and fats which are in no way useful or beneficial for a person’s organism.
  • Moreover, junk food is full of salt, which is not really good. High amounts of salt evoke the increase sodium in the organism, which is fraught with increase in blood pressure.
  • Soft drink companies gain about 97% profit annually that is why they are capable to spend so much on their colorful and persuasive advertising campaigns.
  • Tooth decay, different types of cancers, heart conditions, obesity and hypertension are all the consequences of fast food addiction.
  • Why addiction is mentioned here all the way? Because junk food fats are evoking the reactions in the brain that result in more such food demand. Such an effect can be pretty long-lasting.

People are too prone to fall for advertised products believing in all the beautiful lies they are fed with. People in advertising know what they do and that is why even small kids get involved in their schemes.


  1. Eating unhealthy or junk foods causes many side effects on our body. Many people are unaware of these facts. Thanks for sharing this information.

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