How to Make Your Parents Live Longer

A group of scientists has recently published their views on the long-term experiment conducted on a sensitive topic of moral aspects’ impact on healthcare. The conclusions are fascinating, just like the investigation‘s topic!

It turns out that the cause of stress and subsequent diseases in adults is in most cases loneliness. More than 1,600 subjects with various backgrounds participated in the study. The main common outcome for all the patients was that social isolation, loneliness, lack of motivation, energy and companionship lead to a functional decline and death. Thus, the revolutionary experiment proves that the more time and attention we provide to our parents, the longer they live.

The discovery is especially astonishing considering the statistics on elderly people published by the University of California. One-fifth of the senior population is feeling lonely on a regular basis, getting closer to diseases and subsequent death. Herewith, a little less than a half of the adult population is feeling lonely from time to time. The death rate among lonely people above 60 years old is 45% of that among the elderly people not feeling lonely.

The news is obviously not joyful. However, despite the busy schedule of the modern generation, there are certain tips that you can follow to provide attention and spend time with your parents for them to live longer:

Tip No. 1

Visit your parents.

Try to squeeze at least an hour-long visit into your day plan and visit your parents. Talk to them, tell them what is happening in your life. It really makes a difference.

Tip No. 2

Go out with your parents.

Surprise your parents with theatre or concert tickets. It is a great possibility for you to spend time together. Some people consider it difficult to find topics of mutual interest for conversation with elderly parents. However, at the outside event, it is not necessary. Your parents will be grateful and will feel like a part of your life.

Tip No. 3

Consider hiring a day-care nurse for your elderly parents.

It is a great opportunity for your parents to feel a part of the greater world. Nowadays, there are many agencies that provide such services of professional nurses, who will not only help your parents with cleaning and other daily routine but will also communicate with them, which is very important for adults.

Tip No. 4

Occupy your parents with something.

First of all, teach them to use modern technologies, buy a laptop or a table for your parents and teach them to use the Internet. You may also register them in some online distance-learning programs or courses.

Tip No. 5

Even if you cannot fit activities spent with your parents into your schedule, try to search for community events.

Usually, communities all over the world provide different activities for elderly people. These can be a master class, a drawing lesson, a charity event, or even a karaoke party. Community-based social events will help your parents stay entertained and feel like a part of their community, besides they can make new friends and help others not to feel lonely.

It is important to spend time with your loved ones. However, it is even better for their health not to feel lonely. Loneliness brings boredom and diseases. Try to show your concern and attitude to your parents and grandparents. It will not only get them in a good mood, but will also prolong their lives.


  1. Yeah! This is true im gonna buy my mom some new clothes and im gonna buy my dad some clothes to i love my parents and parents suffer their life for YOU yes YOU so appreciate the hard work they do to you

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