How Many Calories Are in a Banana?

This sweet delicacy has come from South-East Asia. In poor countries banana is used as a cheap, nourishing, quickly saturated product instead of bread and even meat. Banana calories are fairly high – 90-100 Cal. Starch turns into glucose while ripening. Banana contains an impressive number of vitamins, but its main advantage is potassium (more than 400cal). It is recommended in case of intensive mental activity. There are some confirmations that banana purifies our body from slag, relieves edema, reduces blood cholesterol levels, strengthens immunity, helps remove inflammation of the stomach, regulates sleep and disturbed nerves.

Banana flesh contains 75% of water, 15-25% of sugar, starch, fiber, protein, essential oils, malic acid, ascorbic, vitamins B2, PP, E, provitamin A, enzymes, salts of potassium, catecholamines, and endorphins. Peel and ripe is used for treatment purpose. It is recommended to use in nutrition for diabetes patients, atherosclerosis and hypertensive illness. It carries a positive effect as means of anticonvulsant and sedative. Banana is widely used as a dietary product. It is well known that banana is called yellow energized product. It’s quite positive to use suffering from tiredness, irritability and depression. Due to the fact that it contains various sugars this fruit is just the perfect source of energy. It can be used as a prevention treatment of sclerosis and heart failure. Moreover, it is highly recommended to apply for kids during the first 6-8 months. Women should know that it is an impressive cosmetic way for oily and dry skin.

One banana contains approximately100-150cal, 4g of fiber and there is completely no cholesterol. This is a wonderful breakfast.

Have you ever heard that banana contains a significant number of glucose, which is easily digested that is why it has a tonic effect? Moreover, it contains biologically active substances; athletes often use bananas as legal and safe doping.

Potassium helps to restore heart rate and prevents from the development of varicose veins and related convulsions (bananas are very useful when pregnant). Those who regularly eat bananas have more chances never to experience stroke and myocardial. Two bananas per day are enough to maintain pressure in a norm. Worthwhile saying that there are enough phosphorus, which is essential rot those who thinks a lot.

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