How to Cure Allergies

If you suffer from an allergy, it is crucial to be careful with medications. The medicines may contain such pain relievers like Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen. In fact, such medications put extreme stress on the liver which worsens the disorder instead of relieving it.

The best solution is to cleanse the digestive tract. Candida is a fungus that disturbs the immunity. As a result, excessive production of histamine takes place, inducing allergic reactions. When the digestive tract is cleaned, the immunity can function properly and the allergy is cured. There are lots of natural cures for allergies.

  • Apply sandalwood powder mixed with some lime juice to the area affected. This will give a relief from itching and will soothe the skin.
  • Make a paste of garden mint. Mix it with some water. Then filter the mix adding sugar. Consume this natural remedy two times a day.
  • Coconut oil mixed with lemon juice is effective for soothing the affected skin area.
  • Take some apple cider vinegar (2 tblsp) and put it in a glass of water. The mix is beneficial for curing allergies.
  • The next way on hot to cure allergies happens to be one of the most trusted options of treating allergic reactions. Mix a tsp of Castor-oil with fruit or vegetable juice. In the morning drink the mix to alleviate your allergy.
  • Mix beetroot and cucumber juice with carrot juice.
  • Increase the intake of omega-3 fatty acids, as they counteract inflammatory reactions of the body.
  • Flaxseed and salmon contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Honey consumption works effectively in the cure of allergies. The honey should be locally produced as it is made of local pollen. The pollen will lower the allergic reaction by the immune system.
  • Eating yogurt is also helpful to cure allergies, because it contains bacteria beneficial for the body.

Food Allergy Cures

According to the statistics up to 1% of adult people and 3% of kids experience food allergies. Actually food allergy is often confused with food intolerance. In fact, food intolerance is generally not so severe as food allergy. As a matter of fact, food intolerance is inability to digest some food. The symptoms of food allergy include irritation of the digestive system, itchy hives and swelling, etc.

Most common foods allergens are eggs, yeast, milk, corn, wheat, fish, peanuts, tree nuts, soy and sugar. Vomiting, hives and eczema are the symptoms of milk allergy. It is necessary to monitor the food you have allergy to. Note down all the food types you have eaten. Once you find out what food causes your allergy, treating it will be easier. The simplest way to cure allergies triggered by food is to stay away from that product. Consult your doctor to check for any imbalances in your diet plan that might be caused by refraining from particular foods.

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