Smartphones Are Not an Evil

Today we cannot imagine our life without having a smartphone. We use it for many purposes, such as to text, call, play games, read, and many others. But we are told that our obsession with smartphones is harmful to our health. In fact, using your smartphone sometimes can be even good for you.

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Everybody who has a smartphone has been afraid of leaving it somewhere at least once. Do you remember that feeling when you touch your pocket and do not find your phone there? Or when you are looking for it in your room and cannot find it anywhere. You feel very uncomfortable not having an opportunity to hold your phone. The researchers from Stanford proved that the very possibility of clutching your phone makes you feel better.

Why smartphone is not an evil?

A group of scientists from Stanford made research to find out whether the mere presence of our phones makes us feel better. They conducted two experiments to find it out.

The results of the first experiment showed that people who had no gadgets could experience a lack of concentration and mind wandering in comparison with those, who used their phones. And people who could not use their phones, but actually had them, showed better-perceived concentration ability, than those without any phone.

In the second experiment, the specialists examined the effect of smartphone usage on people who had just had surgery. The researchers reported that those, who did not have their phones with them, required six times more painkillers than those who used their phones. And, people who used their phones to text, also, needed fewer anesthetics in comparison with those, who played games. (For more information visit).

In what way your phone can make you happier?

Sometimes when we use our smartphones we do not just waste our time, but fill ourselves with positive emotions. For example, the scientists from Kansas State University found out that every employee needs to spend at least 20 minutes a day with their phone because it will increase their productivity. The specialists say that during these 20 minutes people can have some rest and refresh their mind doing some things that are not related to their work. (For more information visit). People are social beings and need to be involved in some social activity, such as chatting with other people online, for example. And when we know that this possibility of social interaction is literary in our pocket, we feel much better. Having a smartphone we can easily get in touch with our family, friends or colleges. We can call or text them whenever we want and find out the recent news, share the ideas or our anxiety. And this is really great!

Still, we have to be careful

Despite the fact that the presence of a smartphone makes us feel good; still, it can have some negative influence on us. Sometimes we spend too many hours using our phone to search the internet and, in fact, we just waste the time that we could have spent doing something useful. And sometimes we are not even guilty of such brutal murder of our time. Some experts believe that companies that provide content for sites are using some special psychological techniques and communication research to force us to spend more time online. The aim of such techniques is to manipulate us and make us use our phones as much as possible. Exactly because of that, you have to think of how to spend your time on your phone with profit. At first, you should understand what apps make you kill your time and install apps that will save it and teach you some new things. (Useful information).

Smartphone itself is a device that was invented to make our life easier. And it can make our life better, if we think of how to use our phone correctly. You should revise the time you spend on your phone, as well as the time you spend online, and find the ways in which your phone will not distract you from the main tasks, but help you to complete them faster and better.


  1. This is all bs. Another article written to make someone feel better about their own smartphone addiction. Whatever helps you sleep better

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