Aerial Yoga against Fear of Heights

Health is a great blessing which everyone should care. By doing different exercise and Yoga on daily basis, we can keep ourselves healthy and relaxed. Nowadays yoga is becoming the most important and vital treatment for anxiety as one must do yoga to feel relax and to start their day with happiness.

As we know that there are many people in this world who suffer from various phobias like claustrophobia which refers to the fear of enclosed or tight spaces, homophobia that includes fear of blood or injury and the most common one which we are going to discuss on this post is the acrophobia which is the fear of heights. If you are fond of yoga and tend to try its various types at your home or at somewhere then you must give aerial yoga at least a try. You should positively give it a try as it can help you to cover up your fear of height in the best way.


It is quite a difficult one but when it comes to effectiveness, fulfilling and provision of calmness, then it is exceptional in such sense. In the modern and fast world, where people have so many tensions and anxieties, they tend to prefer yoga to feel relax and satisfied. Aerial yoga is becoming so much popular in recent times because it is helping people in a great way to get rid of their fear from a height. It offers many of the same benefits and enjoyments of regular yoga but in addition to them, it also provides a number of extra benefits as well.

  • Flexibility
  • Relief from Stress
  • Improved focus
  • Muscle Strength

Because of these and some extra advantages, aerial yoga is becoming popular among people. As in such yoga, you are supposed to move your body in various positions which enable greater flexibility and allows you to stretch your body than you urge to do in a traditional yoga session.

Aerial yoga is quite difficult to perform than other yoga training, that’s why it demands better and complete concentration and focus in a challenging position.

It teaches you to be aware and be very careful about the things which are going around you. As you are in a different and difficult situation/condition during the aerial yoga then you are supposed to concentrate in a better way. During such yoga, gravity is playing against you and it acts on your body than usual. Because of this, your muscles work harder and as a result, they get strength. Yoga is well-known and popular around the globe as a relief to stress, anxiety, and tensions of the hectic routine. This new form of yoga will definitely provide you great sort of relief as you will do something new in this. Beside of these benefits, aerial yoga helps you to increase your core power, overall strength, and balance.

Is There Any Real Cause for Fear?

There are a lot of myths created as well regarding the aerial yoga that one has to take a fall during this session. But in fact, these are just sayings, there’s nothing like this at all, as you just have to hang up in the air in different conditions or postures and there’s no need to fell down on the floor. In this yoga session, you sit on a soft, fabric hammock that looks kind of like a long scarf which will allow you to hang in the air. It is a special made hammock for such purpose which can support almost 2000 pounds on it, so you won’t fell down don’t worry. By sitting on it, during the yoga class or session you are supposed to make various postures or positions so that your body should find a stretch and your mind should be relaxed.

As you are sitting on some specific height during aerial yoga, definitely you will have a fear of falling down. But the reason behind this yoga is to eliminate that fear and it significantly helps to get rid of such fear. Because you have to maintain a precise balance and need to have concentration on what you are doing. This helps you to increase your core strength of balancing and relieving pressure on mind. In this way, aerial yoga plays its part in the elimination of height phobia. This from of yoga is safer if it is done under the certified aerial yoga instructor. Because without an instructor you will be unable to pose in the beneficial positions or may harm yourself.

What about Dizziness?

In such yoga, you are hanged up three feet or more than this height, so you need to adjust your hammock in a safe way so you may not fall down during the class and by adjusting it in a safe way you will minimize your chances of having any injury. Dizziness is quite normal in height phobia or is indirectly attached with the fear of heights. People do feel dizziness when they climb up on a certain or specific height and that’s too dangerous because they may fall down because of that. That’s why the beginners who are totally new to aerial yoga and are afraid of height then they must do such yoga under the guidance and help of their professional instructors. There are a number of controversies which one may use to listen that people who suffer such fear must not try this yoga as it can harm them mentally or physically. But all these types of things are useless and myths. Because yoga has always provided benefit in every possible way.

This anti-gravity exercise is tough no doubt but it presents a tremendous relief to chronic back pain. By the help of such yoga session, you will feel light, flying as it is totally fun.

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