Pine Pollen Health Benefits

In our time people often try to find a healthy alternative to traditional chemical drugs and seek a possibility to support their health with natural remedies. For centuries humankind was aware of powerful remedies of natural origin, and one of such means is pine pollen (PP).

Modern science also does not stand aside and a range of scientific researches have been carried out on pine pollen’s healing potential. The study on antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of pine pollen revealed its excellent ability to reduce inflammations and protect against free radicals. This NCBI study scrutinized into the ability of PP extract to give relief for patients with chronic arthritis. Altogether the studies confirmed the amazing healing effect of pine pollen in a wide range of cases.

Why is pine pollen so healing?

This natural tonic is extremely rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and natural enzymes, which helps to boost the body’s physical strength and stamina. Pine pollen does not contain nitrates, pesticides, toxic substances, and is characterized by biological stability.

Pine pollen contains more than 200 biologically valuable substances, while their percentage is higher than in most of the other products. So, most fruits and vegetables after dehydration retain not more than 10% of the mass, while the dry residue of pine pollen – 94.7%, which makes it an exceptionally concentrated and complex food.

The composition of pine pollen includes nucleic acids, poly-, and monosaccharides, 20 basic amino acids, including 8 essential amino acids, which cannot be synthesized by the human organism and must be taken with food.

This amazing natural tonic has all the necessary elements to regulate metabolic processes and boost immunity, namely: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. In addition, pine pollen contains lots of B1and D3 vitamins that are vitally important for:

  • proper formation of bone tissue
  • maintenance of water-and-fat balance
  • regeneration of the connective membranes.

Main health advantages of pine pollen

Additionally, to the above-mentioned anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, pine pollen can be very healing in the following cases:

  • Its capacity to reduce fatigue and boost physical stamina of human health is used by professional athletes, since it does not contain components prohibited by doping control. Pine pollen was taken by the winner of the cycling marathon from Finland at the Olympic Games in Munich, which allowed him to increase his endurance and strength. Another well-known sportsman, the crowned boxing champion Muhammad Ali also prefers pine pollen drinks to replenish energy. It boosts strength in senior adults and helps to strengthen vitality of the inhabitants of urban areas.
  • Anti-aging effect. This natural tonic contains nucleic acids with powerful anti-aging effect. Between 25-30 synthesis of these acids in the body is gradually reduced, that results in loss of hair, flappier skin and slower regeneration. Regular consumption of pine pollen prevents these phenomena, prolongs fit and healthy state of the organism – it was proved by Dr. Frank, author of the book “No Aging: Eat and Grow Younger”, in his pioneering research. Its regular use reduces number of oxidizing lipids, prevents lipopexia in the liver, heart tissues, vessels. That’s a great prevention of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disorders, so common in elderly people.
  • Health of gastrointestinal system. Thiamine or vitamin B1 is a component of decarboxylase, one of the most important metabolic enzymes. Pine pollen contains lots of it, therefore its regular intake improves metabolism of carbohydrates, appetite and peristalsis. Magnesium and thiamine are also vitally essential for normal functioning of nervous system, so their consumption on regular basis helps preventing gastric and intestinal disorders that often develop along with the nervous system disorders.

Pine pollen in cosmetology

Skin actively absorbs free amino acids contained in pine pollen that boosts biochemical processes, supplies the cells with the material for collagen synthesis. In addition to antioxidant vitamins, pine pollen contains enzymes to maintain the health of the skin and the metabolism of tissues. The combination of vitamins C, E, thiamine, and riboflavin activates the cells and increases the activity of the superoxide enzyme, which eliminates free radicals, prevent damage and early aging of skin cells.

Beauticians use pine pollen to lighten freckles and pigmentation, to restore local skin immunity, and strengthen the keratin layer of hair, making them healthier, shiny, and resistant to mechanical damage.

We advise taking pine pollen extract on a regular basis, mixed with fruit juice for good sustainable results.

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