How to Get Rid of Swimmer’s Ear?

Love swimming? Hate this feeling of water in your ear every time you get out of water? Then, you should probably know that the thing that we all know as “swimmer’s ear” is actually a medical condition and it is better to be dealt with fast (in order to avoid unpleasant complications).


  • Swimmer’s ear is actually referred to a medical condition of otitis external and it is usually caused by an infection.
  • Strange as it may seem, swimmer’s ear frequently bothers not swimmers as well.
  • In order to get this problem it is quite sufficient to stay outdoors in wet and windy weather.
  • One of the commonly affected group is farmers(!).

Swimmer’s ear is the result of the infection in the ear (bacterial growth) caused by long-term excess of water accumulation in the outer ear canal. Surely, the fact that the condition bears this very name is not without a basis; however, as it has already been mentioned, it is not necessarily always the case.


  • Swimmer’s ear happens when excess of water stays in the outer ear canal after any water-related procedure (e.g. shower, swimming).
  • Wet and cold (as well as windy weather) can lead to the development of infection.
  • Cotton swabs and any other sharp objects can lead to ear canal damage and infection.
  • Ear plugs as well as headphones and other hearing equipment that is not properly sanitized can also cause ear infection.
  • Even hair products can cause ear infections.

The condition can be quite unpleasant and can have itching as well as the sensation of fullness in the ear that one is desperate to deal with. So, how to get rid of the swimmer’s ear? Here are some home and not only remedies.


Hydrogen Peroxide

This is a №1 helper among home remedies. It takes just a couple of drops per ear, leave it for some time in the ear canal and then let it out.

White Vinegar

Make a simple solution of vinegar and water and do the same as with hydrogen peroxide. It is a well-known pain-reliever for infection, and it will even work better if mixed with alcohol.

Olive Oil

Olive oil should be warmed before use. A couple of drops per ear should be quite enough.

Garlic Oil

This one is made by grating garlic and soaking it in olive oil overnight. . Several drops of the oil will serve even more effectively than olive oil alone. Don’t forget to warm it up.

Mineral Oil

one more oil to try – mineral oil, it is also a very good home swimmer’s ear remedy. Few drops of which before swimming will help lessen the risk of developing an infection in the ear canal.


A warm bottle or even a warm breeze from a hairdryer can also bring relief from the swimmer’s ear.


You can also try pouring a few drops of alcohol in the ear. It is also recommended to warm it up a bit before using it.


Unfortunately, in many cases, there is no other choice but to resort to good old medications like ibuprofen. It works just well, really.

Surely, not every time home remedies work; in some situations, it is very strongly recommended to go and seek medical health assistance.

It especially concerns those unhappy individuals who are prone to repeated infections and most home remedies are no longer effective for them.

The best way to treat swimmer’s ear, clearly, is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Some of the following recommendations might be of use here: earplugs for any water activities and careful observation of any symptoms (especially in kids) after any contact of ears with water. Stay healthy!

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