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The Importance of Regularly Washing Your Hands

We all grew up with our parents and kindergarten teachers scolding us if we did not wash our hands. We all listened to endless stories about how important it is to have clean hands. But did we really learn our lesson? Studies show that, in fact, not that many people actually wash their hands on […]

How to Avoid Suffering from Fatigue

There are many causes of fatigue. Our daily habits and dedication to work mean that we spend most of our days exerting our bodies and minds. We normally either skip lunch or eat fast food while working and this contributes to experiencing symptoms of fatigue later in the day. Some symptoms of mental fatigue that […]

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is considered one of the ten most common diseases. In Europe, one in three women and one in five men are affected. Often this serious disease is still underestimated. However, this article was written to help the old age get stable bone and fit mobility to go through life. Learn more about Age-related bone […]

Health Care Reform

The benefits of the statutory health insurance were on the recommended vaccinations: Permanent inoculation commission (e.g. influenza, pneumococcal or meningococcal C), parent-child treatment of the doctor, rehabilitation treatment for old people, and to the treatment of seriously and terminally ill patients. Self inflicting acts such as complications that arise from self-treatments, which include cosmetic surgery, […]

Stay Healthy: Protect Yourself against Malaria

One of the most common questions that arise whenever holiday travelers visit tropical countries in Asia is whether they should carry medication to prevent malaria. The fact is that there is no single answer – it really depends on where you go and what you want. It is useful, for example, to take preventive medications […]

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a very effective technique to your creativity and your ability to solve problems. It is a safe and as easy to find a balance between a person, physical, emotional, mental and states. It is customary to our attention inward. Our whole lives we will be new information. We see the information through our […]

Types of Meditation

Meditation is almost indispensable in the world toady to the fighting and competition. Different types of meditation in the yoga with the practice of asanas and Pranayamas. Practice how to select different kinds of meditation, it is necessary to a regular schedule. Success and happiness comes in the field of spiritual practice and patience. Let […]

Ways to Overclock Brain Activeness

1. Physical utilise. Bodily work strengthens your brain. Lesson benefits your wit cells. The execution vessels exclusive your mentality dilate and growth slaying course when you pursue in routine drill. Use helps to eliminate toxins and allows element and another nutrients to flowing into your mentality strengthening your brainpower cells. 2. Noeses exercises. Concentration and […]

10 Ruling Keys To Healing Yourself

1. Be Verbalise Active in the now. The ago is exhausted. You can never go sustain and create it tract. You can never re-live a time that was yesterday. Lively positively in the allocate point, no matter what is occurring. It is All redress and perfect. Do not lie ahead and dread what may develop. […]

Health Benefits of Vitamins

Few of us have the privilege of saying that our diet needs no supplementation. We know scientifically now what was known to farmers and ranchers in the past. Yet we must sort out food hype from solid fact. Some years back I remember hearing that vitamins only made for expensive urine. That has now changed […]

Wellness – What does It Mean?

What approaches and claims hide behind the new word wellness? Everyone sees something else behind wellness. On the one hand we feel a new life, on the other hand, including a gentle fitness movement. For many it means simply feel good all around. Most think of rest and relaxation. Each of these definitions is in […]

Health Technology Edition Mattresses – Massage Chair Device

In every situation in life, it is ideal to keep our body fit, young and dynamic. For many, this is a desire – which, however, unlike other of this kind, with the help of a certain strain can be realized. There are several approaches, regardless of age to keep fit. Traditional method – to train […]