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Massage as Part of Palliative Care

Death is dreaded by most people. Some of those who have come close to it find themselves in a hospice. In many cases, there is no active treatment at this stage: all that medicine can offer these patients is palliative care, aimed to comfort them and alleviate pain. Massage has long been on the sidelines […]

Set Your Fascia Free: Truth and Legend of Rolfing

If you’ve ever suffered from chronic pain in your back or neck, from recurring injuries or stiffness, you may have tried all sorts of massage, acupuncture, and physiotherapy – sometimes without much effect. But have you tried rolfing? This practice, developed in the 50s, is once again in the spotlight. If you’ve ever suffered from […]

Useful Facts on Massage Stone Therapy

To put it simply, stone massage is a type of massage with the use of heated, flat and smooth which are put at the targeted body points. This is the easiest definition of stone therapy. Nowadays stone therapy is becoming more and more popular. It is considered that massage stone therapy serves a great energy […]

Water Massage is the Best Way to Relieve Stress

Water massage is the best massage possible. Hydro massage does much more than mitigate muscle tension; they eliminate or decrease the stress. Water massage is beneficial for body, heart and soul. It is healing and relaxing, pleasant and enjoyable. Hydro massage is not just a dip in a tub with relaxing water; actually it involves […]

The Numerous Benefits of Massage Therapy

The dynamics of modern life have changed the wants and needs. In the past the life wasn’t as hectic as it is now. The modern way of life is rather chaotic, and people face many troubles. To mitigate the tensions and stress, there is massage therapy. It involves relaxation and soothing of the muscles as […]

The Classical Massage

Are you worried about decreased working efficiency or do you just want to relax? Full-body massage of the body is a perfect tool to relax and fit the body muscles, increase your stamina and charge with vitality. A full-body massage is a procedure when the whole body is manipulated. This procedure has a general health […]

Health Technology Edition Mattresses – Massage Chair Device

In every situation in life, it is ideal to keep our body fit, young and dynamic. For many, this is a desire – which, however, unlike other of this kind, with the help of a certain strain can be realized. There are several approaches, regardless of age to keep fit. Traditional method – to train […]