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Obesity Epidemic A Threat to National Security

Obesity is a major problem in the U.S. But not only is it a threat to someone’s individual health, it is also a factor affecting our national security. According to recent researches, the majority of young Americans simply do not qualify, and it means the military’s effectiveness is significantly reduced. Besides, there are soldiers who […]

War on Obesity Victims: Children

For most of the past three decades, we have been concerned about the rising incidence of adult obesity. However, all of a sudden there has been an explosion of childhood obesity all over the globe. The current trend is shocking and if it continues and if we do not undertake any intervention, the majority of […]

Genetic Obesity

When it comes to obesity, the question whether it can be evoked by some genetic predisposition frequently arises. Fairly enough it is normal for people to try to find out if there are any non-dependent factors that are actually more in charge of the tendency to gain weight than a person’s bad eating and lifestyle […]

Overweight and Obesity

Overweight and obesity determine weight ranges that are higher than normal healthy weight for a particular height. These terms identify the weight ranges which increase the risk of many health problems. Obesity affects millions of people worldwide. Modern life is rather stressful which takes every minute of our life people ignore their precious health. Still […]

Adult Obesity and its Effects

According to the statistics, the rates of obesity have quadrupled. And they are rising continually, it is essential to educate the society about adult obesity dangers in attempts to change the tendency. People are aware that obesity is a very unhealthy condition. However many people miss the fact that obesity can cause extremely dangerous and […]

Obesity Problems Can Become Fatal for Your Health

As a matter of fact obesity is the number one cause of deaths all over the world. The thing is that obesity can be prevented. For instance, in Europe about one million fatal cases happen every year which are related to obesity. A person is thought to be obese if his or her body mass […]

Effects of Childhood Obesity Revealed

Childhood obesity is already an issue however this does not make the effects of childhood obesity less severe. This condition is fraught with a number of conditions ranging from mild ones and ending with such serious ones as diabetes. It is very likely that with the loss of weight a lot of them will alleviate […]

Excessive Alcohol Intake – a Cause behind Obesity

Alcohol is a good thing once in a while but, if taken continuously, it can cause certain health problems and even be a reason behind your obesity. It is never the main cause but it contributes greatly into the process of weight gain provided that all the other unfavorable factors evoking obesity are present. One […]

Fast Food Restaurants

The history of fast food has started in the 50’s and these quick convenient meals are becoming more and more popular all the time. However, the rate of obesity also increases in direct progression with the growth of the fast food network restaurants. Really, there is no surprise that the rate of overweight people increases […]

Fast Food Restaurants and Obesity Issue

Obesity in America is triggered by a number of factors but fast food contributes to this greatly. Obesity has become a problem not only in the United States but also in Europe and it has even spread to Asia. Our culture is so greatly intermixed with our habits (and eating ones not in the last […]

Obese People in America

However sad to admit but obesity is a real problem in America. Since 1980s the rates for overweight adults have become higher, and the ones for kids tripled. Obesity is now compared to epidemic so wide-spread the condition has become. This is a serious condition as it affects not only the way person looks but […]

How to Get Rid of Double Chin

How do you feel when one day you see in the mirror not the beautifully pointed chin that you used to have but the double chin that does not look appealing whatsoever? I bet you do not care a lot about gaining weight before some visual sighs appear and some extra fat deposits make you […]

Obesity and Emotional Eating

You may wonder why some the diets that you try do not work. They seem perfectly effective for other people but fail with you. At this point you should ask yourself a question whether your emotional hunger makes it hard to achieve your goal. Perhaps, the huger that you cannot keep at bay leads to […]

Why Stress Causes Obesity

You have heard about stress and its harmful effects on our organisms many times, for sure. And you have probably experienced it yourself. The first thing coming to your mind then is to grab and eat something. Most of us crave for something sweet or salty or fat or whatever seems tasty for us at […]

The Facts about Obesity

People frequently confuse 2 things – overweigh and obesity. However, they are not exactly the same. The latter is a more serious condition than the former and requires much more attention. Body Mass Index (BMI) is determines whether you are obese or overweigh. In order to know it you should take your weight and divide […]

Weight Gain and Stress

Obesity is becoming a more striking problem nowadays. Recession and the current economic crisis have also made the matters worse. Stress has been considered the factor capable of triggering weight gain process. Stress can be different depending on what caused it, however, the effect of it is the same, no matter financial or any private […]

Effective Slimming Pills for Weight Loss ? Fat Burners

Obesity can grip people of all ages. Anybody suffering from obesity is searching for a way out. Obesity is a condition when weight is increased by minimum 10% of the normal amount. If weight is increased by 20% this condition is severe obesity. The problem can greatly shorten life and cause many severe diseases such […]

Is It Safe To Use Slimming Pills To Deal with Obesity?

People are constantly searching certain measures to enjoy life in comfort and ease. The conveniences are the result of development in technology and science, providing more comfortable methods to do things, making people lazy. Many individuals prefer to use vehicles to go to a near place rather than walking, to decrease efforts and save time. […]

Overeating and Obesity

Obesity has been so to say under a microscope for more than 50 years. Numerous studies have been conducted trying to define and realize this issue. The obvious connection frequently included in the studies of obesity is overeating. It has been indicated that actually the reason for overeating solely lay at anxiety door. Many studies […]

Obesity Treatment Options

Causes of ObesityGenetic factors are the common cause of obesity. The number of different tests proved that genes play an important role in weight gain. Another major reason for obesity is a sedentary life. Eating fatty food, lack of physical exercises is the common culprit of childhood obesity. Obesity causes chronic diseases like cardiovascular disorders, […]