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Phototherapy as a Method of Psoriasis Treatment

American Academy of Dermatology estimates the number of people suffering from psoriasis in the United States to be about 7.5 million. While it is often a hereditary condition, meaning that those who develop psoriasis usually have a person in their family who’s got it before as well, it is not what happens always. Still, the […]

Rosacea Natural Treatment

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin disease of the face which is manifested by persistent redness and periodic rash. If a person suffers from rosacea, his face is first covered with red spots, and then with pink acne, which, in contrast to ordinary ones, does not disappear with time and gradually covers nose, cheeks, and […]

Alkaline vs Acid Foods in Psoriasis Diet

Since psoriasis is considered to be a disease directly related to the general condition of human skin, it goes without saying that nutrition and proper diet has a tremendous influence on the course of a given disease. The skin reflects literally all those problems that are hidden inside. Thus proper diet is of utter importance […]

Lighten Dark Spots

Dark spots on skin can be caused by different skin conditions. Commonly this is acne that results in blemishes and scars. Excessive exposure to the sun is another cause dark spots. Hyperpigmentation is a medical term to describe dark spots on skin caused by sun rays and hormone imbalance. Lack of important vitamins like vitamin […]

How to Exfoliate

Exfoliation is an important part of a good skin care regimen. It’s an effective way to improve wrinkles, acne, discoloration, and scarring. It’s also the best way to make your skin smoother. It’s good for acne prone skin because it helps clear pores. Dry skin will also benefit because it removes dead skin and allows […]

Bergamot Oil History and Uses

Bergamot essential oil is an increasingly popular ingredient used in cuisine, aromatherapy, and perfume industry thanks to its exceptional flavor. It is also found in Earl Grey Tea! Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) is a kind of evergreen tree, most likely a cross between sweet orange and lime. According to some data, its genotype includes lemon and/or […]

Tips For Successful Cosmetic Surgery In Thailand

Here are some tips we believe would be helpful to you if you have any ideas of going for plastic surgery. The information given below is not exclusive to Thailand, but may be considered as universal. Thailand is considered the Mecca for plastic surgery in Southeast Asia. Although the overwhelming majority of surgeons have impeccable […]

Wrinkle – for the Young at Heart

A Wrinkle serves to smooth the skin on the face and neck. The main customers of these are mostly outpatient treatment who is primarily women with age wrinkles, crow’s feet, wrinkles and folds thinkers through sunbathing, cigarette and alcohol consumption. For some time one can enjoy sub-wrinkle sprays that are also particularly popular among men. […]

Facial Cleansing to Prevent Acne

For best facials, it is enormously important to know their skin type. The use of products for facials, or facial cleaning are not suitable for skins with acne; otherwise the acne problem will worsen. Establish the skin type prior to the purchase facial care products for their skin. Whether anti-wrinkle care or cleaning facial acne […]

How to Avoid Bacteria on Healthy Skin?

It may seem impossible, but I want to tell you, that our skin is rather favorable atmosphere for bacteria to settle on it. Despite the fact, that many people are sure in sources of their personal hygiene; neither soap, nor any other lotions, are able to solve the problem once at all. It is necessary […]

Healthy Skin as the Result of Healthy Diet

It is obvious, that our health, our body work depends on food we use in our everyday life. Wrong food leads to healthy problems. Certainly, unhealthy food has its devastating effect on our skin. So, there is a question, are you ready to be on a diet to have a healthy skin? It seems to […]

Natural Skin Care Products as They Are

You may ask me what I know about natural skin care products. I can tell you that even those who do not have problems with their health and skin, eat natural products and do everyday exercises do not presuppose about possible challenges. So, I’d like to draw your attention to the following facts, which will […]

Acne Skin Care with Laser Treatments

Sophistication made so many things nearly possible in the shortest possible time and so acne treatment with laser as well. It is not a new method but indeed a tested and proven procedure wherein one can get rid of acne without actually expending huge amounts of money. Laser treatment for acne implies using soft light […]