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Husband or Children: Who Stresses Out Women More?

Have you heard a joke about a husband being an extra child that doubles the stress of the woman? In fact, it is not a joke, but a reality. Over 45% women, who participated in the survey by Today, confirmed that a 7-year-old child can be stressful, but not more than a 35-year-old man behaving […]

5 Steps to Relax Your Muscles

The realities of today’s world make most people experience stress, consequently, the body’s response to this stress and anxiety is muscle tension which can lead to chronic muscle pain and exhaustion. The solution to the problem of everyday tension — progressive muscle relaxation exercises (PMR). This is a technique of relaxation the muscles used for […]

Stress Hijacks Immune System to Trigger Diseases

Our immune system is designed to guard our body and protect it against bacteria and other threats. However, in some cases it seems to hurt us too. Besides autoimmune diseases, there is a newly-discovered mechanism that explains why those under psychological stress are prone to illnesses. Stress-induced illnesses are common. Many people have experienced a […]

It’s not All in Your Head: What Really Causes Migraine

Migraine affects 1 in 5 women and over ten percent of the population overall. Those who don’t have it cannot imagine the suffering it brings. And though it has long been considered a neurotic disorder, new research shows that its causes are quite physical. Much worse than a headache Migraine is very different from a […]

Beach Trip Benefits: Go There if You Can

Even those who prefer active leisure to lying on the beach can still say that sometimes day at the seaside is quite a good way to break their routine, even usual vacation routine. However, it is not obvious for everybody that spending time on the beach has a number of benefits in addition to a […]

How Stress Hormones Affect Our Body and Mind

We live in quite a stressful environment, with numerous challenges, competitions, struggles being our daily routine. Such living is highly likely to expose us to various negative effects of stress, both physiological and cognitive. This happens because of stress hormones’ influence on our systems. What are these effects and how can a modern person eliminate […]

Your Stress – A or B?

In this hustling and bustling world, to understand how to survive the physical and mental rigors of our life, we should dig a little deeper and get down to the very core of it. First, there is one little yet very important thing we should know: it is not your stress-resistance that characterizes your personality […]

Resolving Stress – Inner Calm Techniques for Parents

Being a parent is the most rewarding thing that a person can undertake, but it can also be the most stressful as well. Parents sometimes have to get creative in order to reduce their level of stress. After all, any parent will tell you that it is almost impossible to get more than a couple […]

Stress Relief Products

Certain foods can help a person to cope with a daily stress. As it is well-known stress in our life is everywhere. It makes us feel tired and exhausted and deprives of life’s pleasures. There are a lot of different ways of coping with stress. One of them is to try including into a person’s […]

Suicide Myths Revealed

After and with so many wars there is still a question why so many people decide to kill themselves willingly and take their lives when there is so much to enjoy. However, generally, things are not so easy as they may seem from the first sight. There are a lot of suicide myths. A lot […]

Cognitive Psychotherapy as an Option

There are a lot of different methods and therapies used in psychology and psychiatry and among them cognitive psychotherapy is very popular. This kind of treatment is aimed at changing a person’s way of thinking and altering negative patterns to positive ones. The specialist who works with a person shows him or her new options […]

The What and Why of Stress

In the past twenty years or so that, like many words in our language, the real meaning of the word stress has been diluted by overuse. We hear someone say, “I’m stressed out!” and we don’t know if the person is facing a wardrobe choice, a career change, marital problems, or travel plans for a […]

Stress and Insomnia: Tips to Tackle It

Millions of people all around the world suffer from insomnia. Insomnia is a serious sleep disorder that stems from sleeplessness. Initially sleeplessness is for few days and when it moves beyond and covers week and months, it requires medical attention. Millions of people all around the world suffer from insomnia. Insomnia is a serious sleep […]