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White Coat Syndrome: Causes and Treatments

White coat hypertension or white coat syndrome is a condition occuring when a patient has high blood pressure on a visit to the doctor. Hypertension is observed in some individuals if they are in a hospital or near to a nurse or doctor. It is said that these people have white coat syndrome. Usually the […]

Heart Transplant Life Expectancy

Heart transplantation is a procedure where a heart is replaced from an ill patient and is transplanted with a “new” donor heart. During the surgery a special mechanical pump circulates blood via the body. The donor heart is connected to the main blood vessels and to the mechanism which is responsible for controlling the heartbeat […]

Types of Heart Disease Treatments

Heart problems include arrhythmia, plaque-blocked arteries, disorders of actual heart muscles, congenital conditions. Whether a heart disease is identified on early stages or not detected till after the heart failure, there are many remedies to reduce the risks of heart diseases. There are 3 groups of heart disease treatments. If the heartbeat is too fast, […]

How to Be Healthy?

It seems that there are those people who are never ill. What do they do special for this? In case you should follow some simple rules to be constantly healthy. The first principle is to wash your mouth with antiseptic substances which improves teeth health and helps to reflect all illnesses. One more reason to […]

American Heart Association Diet

Nowadays staying healthy and keeping fit have become of utmost importance for thousands and thousands of people round the globe. Not surprisingly, we are more and more concerned than ever about our lifestyle and health in general. Day by day the number of people dying  of different illnesses, such as heart attacks or food poisoning, […]