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Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccination

Swine flu is, perhaps, the most much-talked-of recent issue. And, though, there has been enough articles on its account, even more burning question is the one about vaccines and their benefits and drawbacks. At the present moment healthcare industry is ready to offer a broad range of vaccines like Influvac, Pandemrix, Fluzone, Optaflu and FluMist […]

Swine Flu Vaccine Ingredients

Any vaccine production is quite long process. The whole procedure of production and testing is taking approximately 19 weeks. To some extend the reason is that its production starts from virus growing. After the virus multiplied, it’s isolated and purified to receive the vaccine. Then the vaccine needs to be clinically investigated on various patients. […]

Swine Flu Incubation Period

Though swine flu is not that scary as Ebola or other deadly viruses, it nevertheless shook the world back in 2009. Fortunately, since then no other outbreak of the disease has happened. Still, as flu itself is quite a widespread virus among humans, it may be useful to learn some facts about its ‘cousin’ that […]

Swine Flu Has Already Existed in Twentieth Century

Scientists and doctors’ warnings came true. Human and bird flu have met in swine organism and appeared an awful and dangerous bird flu and, transferred from person to person, human one. The universe is really in danger of fatal epidemy. If you consider that new virus (H1N1) is similar to 1918 “Spanish influenza”, it is […]

The Whole Truth about Swine Flu and its Symptoms

Swine flu is a respiratory disorder, caused by A type flu, usually swine’s affect. There are many variations of the virus and it’s constantly changes. It hasn’t transferred to people up-to-date, however its latest form overcame this barrier and may spread from person to person by means of airborne. People, who fell sick with swine […]