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Why Men Should Do Yoga?

There is an opinion that yoga is an activity for women. Perhaps such stereotype appeared because yoga is usually considered to be a set of exercises focused on relaxing. We believe that working out in a gym is a more suitable occupation for men. But in fact yoga may have an even greater impact on […]

Aerial Yoga against Fear of Heights

Health is a great blessing which everyone should care. By doing different exercise and Yoga on daily basis, we can keep ourselves healthy and relaxed. Nowadays yoga is becoming the most important and vital treatment for anxiety as one must do yoga to feel relax and to start their day with happiness. As we know […]

5 Plank Variations for Slim Waist

Plank is the one of the most effective exercises to strengthen your stomach muscles and tone entire body. Why so? It’s a great isometric exercise, which literally means your muscles are not extended or compressed during the workout, but you engage your upper body and lower body – the whole core – at the same […]