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Tai Chi and Qigong

Tai Chi and Qigong are enjoying now with us in the West and becoming ever more popular. They come from the traditional physical culture in China, and train both the physical as well as the mental situation of the human spirit. On the origins of Tai Chi and Qigong entwine itself are legends. Assured Records […]

WOYO – the modern yoga

In the fitness studio is a new form of the active body excercise. Woyo – workout and yoga – had his actual birth by Ms Soder in Europe, now holds its nationwide collection and enthusiasm from numerous people within the shortest time. Woyo – freely translated: the drafting of yoga’s – for almost every age […]

Fatigue: immune system strengthened after running

Running strengthens the immune system generally. But directly after training the immune system is weakened and you can easily catch a cold. Immediately after running, we are particularly sensitive to virus attacks. The immune system after a training session (and even if it’s only a short one) temporarily weakens. Thus, the runner temporarily (to regeneration) […]

Latest techniques in fitness training

The fitness market seems to be a glut with several this and that machines that claim fitness. Much of these are no doubt not alone expensive but also outdated the underlying fitness principle a puzzle to the common fitness freak. While there are a few latest fitness gadgets that work around the principle of toning, […]