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Away with the Shoes! The Barefoot Movement

The idea of walking around – let alone running – barefoot can seem strange and even dangerous. What about the dirt, broken glass, hard concrete? And yet, the barefoot movement is growing fast. It’s all about our evolution It may seem that people have always worn shoes, so having something on our feet is completely […]

Why Playing Football is Dangerous for Your Brain

Researchers have obtained scientific evidence proving that hits to the head, which are characteristic of playing certain sports and especially football, can result in CTE. That is why, they say, many professional football players suffer from dementia and other kinds of cognitive impairment after they retire. Do you still want to be the next Jerry […]

Four Minutes of Suffering: Tabata Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has long been many people’s favorite – short bursts of activity allow to burn fat without wasting time. But one type of HIIT – tabata training – takes the concept to the limit. Extreme idea from Japan Tabata was created in Japan by Dr. Izumi Tabata (who works at the University […]

Why Water is Better Than Sports Drinks

When it comes to sports and performance, almost every athlete wants to support his or her body with something that can help restore its resources and provide energy. Sports drinks seem to be a better or even more professional choice, but researchers say good old water is still much better. And here is why. What […]

Useful Tips to Improve Your Running Experience

It’s Sunday morning, and you’re ready to put on your favorite running shoes and go for a distance. Just a couple of tips before you go – we have plenty of ideas to make your running and jogging routine even better, actually turning routine into a rewarding and pleasant habit. So you still skip stretching? […]

Whole Body Vibration: Can you Vibrate your Way to Fitness?

Whole body vibration is widely touted as a superefficient method of “passive exercise” that can replace squats, weights, and running. Some gyms already have expensive power platforms… but is there good basis to the claims? What are power plates? You may have seen them on TV or in your gym: a large platform on which […]

Working out while Sitting: Seated Workstations as Effective as Standing Ones

Prolonged sitting, which is associated with ill effects and increased risk for a variety of diseases, has become an integral part of our life – at least for those of us who spend days in offices. More and more employers are trying to introduce standing desks to counteract the effects of sedentary lifestyle. However, there […]

It’s Time to Hit the Snow! Winter Workout Basics

Exercising outdoors in winter may seem like a scary idea or something for hardcore fitness fans. It is cold and dark most of the time, and all that ice looks like the easiest way to break your ankle. However, experts are unanimous – winter exercise is the best! Benefits of exercising in the cold Sure, […]

Exercise Intensity Matters More than Amount for Patients with Heart Failure

Those who suffer from a heart disease are often told to exercise, as physical activity can benefit health even in people with heart failure. Yet it is unclear what is more important – high intensity or high amount of training – in such patients. A new study carried out by the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin sheds […]

Yoga is Beneficial for Health in a Variety of Ways, Researches Show

Yoga became popular quite a long time ago, and nowadays it’s difficult to surprise someone by saying you practice it on a daily basis. While the spiritual part of yoga is controversial, the physical aspect is the one which definitely benefits our health, researchers say. Several recent studies showed that yoga poses can help reverse […]

Keep on Running

Many doctors recommend that we devote at least 30 minutes a day to physical exercises. Today there are lots of opportunities to improve your health – you can go to a gym, do yoga, swim or go for aerobics! Despite the impressive variety of options, you have to have some money in your pocket to […]

A 15-Minute Walk Can Make a Difference

Most of us know that exercise is a must, but nevertheless few manage to find time for morning jogging or some other routine that would benefit their health. Whatever the reason, it can be way easier to help your body, mind and spirit: regular 15-minute walks can be as good as a full-scale workout, researchers […]

Why You Should Learn How to Surf

People living at the coast are the lucky ones to have an opportunity to do surfing. While it is widely known that surfing is quite an entertaining activity that gives a person a lot of good feelings, is it possible that this activity can be used to bring health benefits, both physical and psychological ones? […]

Why Men Should Do Yoga?

There is an opinion that yoga is an activity for women. Perhaps such stereotype appeared because yoga is usually considered to be a set of exercises focused on relaxing. We believe that working out in a gym is a more suitable occupation for men. But in fact yoga may have an even greater impact on […]

Proprioception: Better Posture, Better Balance

Have you ever heard of proprioception? Although the term may look like rocket science, it is used to describe an ability of a person to feel where his or her body is located in space. It is even considered to be the sixth sense by some researchers. The ability can be improved by means of […]

Too Intensive Workouts Can Harm Health

No one can argue that physical activity is good and actually essential for health. Sports speed up metabolic processes, help to keep fit, and prevent a variety of health issues, such as cardio-vascular diseases, problems with skeletal and immune systems. But how much time should one devote to sports to keep a healthy balance, so […]

Yoga Classes for Chronic Back Pain: a Miracle or a Reality?

We’ve been observing growing popularity of yoga classes worldwide for a few years. Most of us stay rather skeptical as it seems like a new tendency enjoyed by celebrities. What makes this ancient practice interesting indeed is scientists’ points of view and numerous researches. They tell us that yoga can be a key point in […]

Graceful, Light, Strong: Try Water Aerobics

For a long time, exercising in water was perceived as something for seniors, pregnant women, or people with injuries. But times are changing, and ever more intense and varied aquatic workouts are developed. You may be reluctant to pay extra to join such a class: indeed, does water aerobic have advantages over working out on […]

Is Exercise Always Good for You?

WHO recommends 150 minutes of light aerobic activity a week to stay healthy and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Two and a half hours – is it enough? Can it be too much for some people? And are there cases when you should not exercises at all? Exercise against disease TIme and again research […]