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5 Weight Loss Diet Tips For Vegetarian Women and Men

The 5 weight loss tips for vegetarians are effective work for both men and women. It is generally a more challenging task for vegetarians to create a well balanced nutrition plan. But, there are numerous advantages in vegetarianism, in particular with meat that abounds in chemicals and which is generally raised unnaturally. You will live […]

Protein for a Vegetarian Diet

The vegetarian foods, best sources of protein are listed below in this article: Whole WheatActually whole wheat is the best protein source. Whole wheat can be met in different forms like pasta or bread, thus you may consume whole wheat together with the food you prefer. Whole wheat represents a really good source of various […]

Vegetarian Cooking Tips – Foods Rich in Iron For Vegetarians

It might appear difficult for vegetarians to find the needed iron, though some cannot realize the reason. Actually there are 2 iron forms: heme coming from animals, non-heme coming from different plants. And non-heme iron is harder to absorb compared to heme iron. If you consume foods rich in vitamin C together with plant iron, […]

Vegetarian Diet Is Effective to Treat Hypertension

Almost a third of the population in the US suffers from hypertension, and only a third of this number has been diagnosed. This happens due to the fact that hypertension generally shows no symptoms. So it’s recommended that you have one medical examination a year, with tests for cholesterol, hypertension and issues detected through blood […]

Vegetarianism to Treat Diabetes

When people discover they have diabetes this is difficult to deal with all you need to treat the disease. And diet is the first problem as produces the greatest impact on your treatment. Some individuals follow strict diets which remove all sugar and animal products. Diabetes and vegetarianism has received much attention in recent time. […]

The Sound Reasons For Becoming a Vegetarian

There is a number of reasons why people decide to become vegetarians. Some of them do this according to religious beliefs, like those of Jains and Buddhists. Others do this to decrease carbon footprint and some champion for vegetarianism in the protest of factory farming. There are also people who do not accept the idea […]

Types of Vegetarianism

There are people who eat eggs though claim that they are vegetarians. The thing is that some people love vegetarian cuisine however they are not able to reject non-vegetarian foods. Actually there’s a particular name for the types of vegetarians. Vegans are strict vegetarians. They don’t eat meat at all, dairy products, eggs and moreover […]

3 Nutritional Advantages of Being a Vegetarian

Lots of people believe that vegetarian diets are not sound nutritionally. It’s because they refer to vegetarian diets which are badly planned. If a vegetarian or in other words vegan diet is structured in a proper way, there are certain health advantages in following the diet. The article outlines the 3 nutritional advantages you will […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Vegetarian

According to the statistics gathered by Vegetarian Resource Group, about six to eight million Americans stick with vegetarian diet. Moreover, another few million have either stopped or reduced red meat consumption, and approximately two million are vegans, who are the people who have eliminated any animal-based products from their menu. Therefore, as all kinds of […]

Raw Food Diet Weight Loss

Raw food eating is a diet which presupposes only vegetable and dairy raw products consumption, which were not subjected to cooked. Truly speaking it is one of forms of vegetarianism. Its ideology is based on the fact that raw vegetable food contains sun energy which was accumulated during growing. During thermal processing this energy is […]

The Right Way to Become a Vegetarian

In the old days, being a vegetarian was considered as something very eccentric in the West. It was normally limited to followers of certain religious teachings. Today, however, the story is completely different. More and more people have been “converting” to vegetarianism over the last couple of decades. People are choosing to exclude meat from […]

What do Vegans Eat, Vegan Diets

There are lots of people who choose to remain vegan and practice veganism not only for ethical reasons but also for health and environmental factors too. It is the vegetarians who do not eat fish, meat or poultry in any form. In addition to this, vegans do not use any animal products such as dairy […]