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Curry and Diabetes

Curry is a very popular spice nowadays widely used in different cuisines. However, it originates from India, where it was a traditional part of South Indian cuisine as a flavor and spice for different dishes. Curry got its name from Kari-pattha, as it is called there. Thus, it actually has got a name of Murraya […]

Herbs To Manage Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus, most commonly referred to as diabetes, is a chronic disease that is creating a buzz in the world of medicine. This killer disease is the oldest known disease and it is estimated by World Health Organization, that the number of people suffering from this disease would reach 300 million by the year 2025. […]

Diabetes – Diabetics Need Insulin

Diabetes is a widespread disease (diabetes, insulin) in America. Not only more and more adults suffer from diabetes but also many children are affected. The medicine is aware of the disease, however, not only been a few years ago. First, there are already transfers from antiquity. The name “honeyed Flow” already known in ancient Greece, […]