Category: Child Health

How to be sure that Your Kids Eat Well?

If you want your kid to eat healthily, you have to serve him a variety of nourishing foods for growth, energy, and development. Food isn’t something worth arguing over, and if your kid insists on eating cheese potato chips, that’s OK – as long as they don’t become his staple diet. If most of the […]

Child Health Safety Issues

Certainly, every parent wants to raise a child that will have no serious health problems. Health is something we should maintain during all our life, so it’s important to teach your child how to take care of yourself and what’s healthy and what’s not. When your child is yet a small one you should pay […]

How Toys Can Harm Your Child’s Health

It’s not a matter of question our children need toys. Toys entertain, toys develop, toys help to explore surrounding nature. But are toys always safe? We usually buy dolls, games or teddy bears without a thought this piece of plastic or plush can harm our precious baby. However, this is not always so and not […]