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What is the Difference Between ADD and ADHD?

Educating a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is not an easy task. Parents of such children can hear complaining feedbacks from teachers about bad manners, misbehave or even naughtiness. According to the recent estimation by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are approximately 6.4 mln […]

Sitting in One Place Makes Kids Depressed?

Information society has significantly expanded our horizons, but at the same time brought some considerable disadvantages. One of those is sedentary lifestyle that numerous office workers all over the world experience. Moreover, with the spread of technology it has become one of the main ways to occupy spare time among kids. While scientists have been […]

Simple Things that Can Kill Your Kids

While many parents are cognizant of the potential risks that lurk around their children, others still find it difficult to adjust to the reality that those familiar and seemingly harmless household products can be potentially deadly. Such parents capitalize on the misleading product labels that depict them as being “safe for children” or their recommendation […]

War on Obesity Victims: Children

For most of the past three decades, we have been concerned about the rising incidence of adult obesity. However, all of a sudden there has been an explosion of childhood obesity all over the globe. The current trend is shocking and if it continues and if we do not undertake any intervention, the majority of […]

Does Vaccination Cause Autism?

No, autism is not encouraged by a worldwide three-in-one MMR (mumps, measles and rubella) vax. The myth that vaccination is coherent to autism derives from a notorious scientific article. Later the magazine retracted it because its author had been caught in a deception. How it All Started The whole fuss that autism disorder and MMR shot are somehow connected was started by Andrew Wakefield in a sensational research work released by the Lancet in 1998. Wakefield`s research was based […]

Public Enemy Number One: Childhood Obesity

The statistics about childhood obesity are alarming. In 2013, there were more than 42 million children considered obese or overweight. These numbers are expected to reach nearly 70 million by the year 2025, if the current trend continues. There is no question that if no intervention is undertaken then these children will continue to gain […]

Mood Swings in Children

Mood swings in children are not the matter of surprise or worry. It is absolutely normal as children want and need to express the way they feel. However, kids do it in a different way and it is not always easy to decide whether this is a problem or just another whim. Mood swings start […]

Discussing Baby Teething Symptoms

Under the term of teething one understand the process when teeth appear from the gums. In order to handle the process properly parents should be well aware of the timing and the expected reactions from a baby. It is not a very pleasant process and therefore is fraught with pretty a number of sleepless nights […]

Children with Autism Helping Tips

Autistic spectrum disorder is a very serious disorder and it is a much more frequent condition than most people suppose. It is not an easy thing to deal with as children with autism require a lot of patience and wisdom and right approach. Here are some tips on the account of how to behave with […]

Auditory Dyslexia

Auditory dyslexia is a form of an illness of dyslexia and is also frequently called “dysphonetic dyslexia”. It is universally known as learning disability and as opposed to visual dyslexia it is a condition that concerns phonological processing. The condition involves problems with individual distinguishing letter sounds in the words and the difficulty for a […]

Keep Your Child Healthy – Childhood Obesity Prevention

Given the fact that the obesity rate is growing fast, parents are concerned about their kids and childhood obesity prevention. The given article describes 3 ways of preventing obesity in children. People tend to blame the problem of obesity on fast food and processed food, or companies producing video games for making kids overweight. People […]

Healthy Child Nutrition

Health is the condition of total physical and social welfare, natural body position. One of the most important segments of healthy life-style is in regular feeding. The main rule that forms persons health is that nutrition should be well-balanced and efficient. Food should cover person’s power consumption; maximally correspond to person’s enzyme system. It is […]

Children Nail Biting

To some people, nail biting can seem to be a habit that is easy to break. However, it turns out that this habit, if got into at an early age, can transform into the habit of a lifetime. Children and teenagers are prone to nail biting, as the phases of life they experience sometimes force […]

The Main Causes of Child Obesity

Child obesity sounded like a joke even fifty years ago. Today it becomes common and thus many start considering it insignificant and thus unimportant to cure, but medical researches show a direct connection between extra weight and such health problems as diabetes, heartburn or asthma. If your child is obese, most probably he will keep […]

Possible Dangers of Childhood Obesity

Many parents think if their child has good appetite, this is simply wonderful and find nothing serious in slowly increasing weight. Other part of parents think their baby eats too little and try to make their son or daughter eat more. We all know good appetite is one of signs of normal body functioning, but […]

How to Deal with Vaccination Side-Effects on Children?

Minor side effects after immunizations are quite common, but they are usually temporary. Your child may get inflammation and puffiness at the site of the vaccination injection. A little rash, particularly after the MMR injection, is common. You can effectively relieve these side effects by giving your children the advisable dose of ibuprofen and paracetamol, […]

How to Make Your Children Breath Easily, Get Enough Sleep and Stay Safe?

Breathing easily Not smoking around the children is important to safeguard his health. Researchers have proven that passive smoking has a permanent impact on the respiratory system and long-term health of your child. Inhaling tobacco smoke increases the probability of asthma and other critical respiratory conditions and contributes to a host of childhood illnesses, including […]

How to Properly Use Antibiotics on Children?

Occasionally the immune system cannot respond fast enough to outpace the rate of invading bacteria reproduction, or the bacteria may produce toxin chemicals so rapidly that they cause some damages before the immune system can respond adequately. When this happens, antibiotic drugs help your body kill off the bad bacteria without attacking the body’s own […]

How to be sure that Your Kids Eat Well?

If you want your kid to eat healthily, you have to serve him a variety of nourishing foods for growth, energy, and development. Food isn’t something worth arguing over, and if your kid insists on eating cheese potato chips, that’s OK – as long as they don’t become his staple diet. If most of the […]

DIY Solution for Common Child Illness

For many of us, the local physician is our first port of call for medical problems. The local physician can make a diagnosis, prescribe drugs, and refer your child to more complete health services if required. But you do not always need to visit a physician if your child is under the weather. No one […]