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New Harvard Research To Study Impact of Early Education on Kids

Every parent wants their kid to have the best conditions to develop and thrive. Special preschool programs have long been known to contribute to the child’s further success in this life. Yet scientists hardly have information about how spending time with neighbors, relatives and nannies and under other informal arrangements affects children’s performance. A new […]

Is Your Child Strong-Willed?

Sometimes it’s difficult to see the border between stubbornness and having a strong will. It is especially true of children, who tend to insist on what they want. There are certain character traits which can give you a hint as to whether you are raising a person of iron will (or a little spoiled kid!). […]

Is It Easy to Be a Gifted Child?

Every parent wants their child to be gifted, more intelligent, and more judicious than their peers. But not many people understand that a gifted child is a child anyway. No matter how gifted your child is, you will face problems anyway. When we meet gifted children and listen to them talking about things that sometimes […]

Scarlet Fever Management: Its Symptoms and How to Alleviate Them

The distinctive red or pink rash is the symptom that is likely to urge you to call a doctor and hear him say: “You guessed right, it’s scarlatina”. How do you recognize scarlet fever when it attacks your child? What are the ways to alleviate the symptoms? For how long will your child remain contagious? […]

How to Develop Emotional Intelligence in Your Child?

Emotions are an integral part of our life that influences our state of mind, our feelings and even our health. That is why it is very important to learn how to cope with your emotions from the very childhood. Our life cannot exist without different sorts of stress: disappointment, anxiety, conflicts, etc. Every minute and […]

Children Become Happier When They Follow Healthy Diet

Following a healthy diet brings a lot of benefits. First, it helps manage your weight. Second, it improves your health condition. Third, it can help prevent certain diseases. However, this list appeared to be incomprehensive: Swedish scientists report that those children who are provided with healthy food are more likely to be happy and have […]

Spanking: a Necessary Evil or Just Evil?

According to polls, 70% of American parents believe that children need an occasional spanking. At the same time, it is banned in over 30 countries. Does spanking really harm children? Evidence against spanking One thing should be made clear: spanking is a very precise term that means a tap with an open hand on the […]

Lie with Them or Let Them Cry? Putting Kids to Sleep

Modern kids are becoming more and more sleep-deprived, and up to 40% of parents complain that their children have trouble falling asleep. Is there one fix that fits all? The danger of sleep deprivation Scientists are convinced: proper sleep is just as important for children as nutrition. A 5-year-old should get 11 hours of sleep […]

Be Careful with those Toys! How not to Spoil your Child with Gifts

It’s quite common nowadays for a child to receive dozens of new toys each Christmas: in a few years, veritable toy mountains accummulate in their rooms. However, scientists that more toys does not mean happier kids. It’s quite common nowadays for a child to receive dozens of new toys each Christmas: in a few years, […]

Family Meals Help Children Grow Up Healthier

Eating together with your children is a magnificent thing, because such moments are remembered for the rest of your life. Yet it appears that family meals are not just pleasant: researchers report that those children who enjoy eating with their families grow up healthier and happier.   Canadian researchers carried out a study in the […]

Hug Your Child

Every mother wants to hug her child. For her it is the way to express and show her tenderness, affection and love. But what do cuddles mean for a child? Infants cannot see or hear properly, they cannot distinguish and understand the words other people say. But from the very first days they can feel […]

How Single-Sex Schools Affect Boys’ and Girls’ Scores

While most children attend mixed schools, there are still opportunities to let your child opt for a single-sex school (though most of them are private). The question of whether single-sex schools affect a student’s performance has long been a debatable one, yet more data are being collected: a recent research showed that boys who study […]

Too Much Paracetamol In Childhood Can Cause Asthma, Kidney, Liver And Heart Issues

Calpol and similar medicines are extremely popular among parents, because they can help relieve pain and treat fevers that are so common if you have a child. Yet experts warn that excessive usage of paracetamol-based drugs can do harm and lead to serious conditions later in life. Paracetamol-based drug overuse leads to health problems Back […]

Measles Vaccine as a Lifesaver

The analysis of the deaths attributed to measles shows that their number decreased by 79% in 2014. The beginning of the century is marked by 546,800 deaths, now the number has shrieked to 114,900. The WHO published information proving that 17.1 million people have been saved. Thanks to the measles vaccination, infants’ mortality has also […]

What Causes Autism?

For many years scientists are trying to indicate what the cause of autism is. A lot of research has been done and those researches gave us many theories about the roots of autism. The term “autism” was introduced in the 1940-s by the American pediatrician and psychiatrist Leo Kanner. He borrowed the term from Eugene […]

Dogs Can Prevent Children from Having Eczema and Asthma

Dogs are able to protect people and children in particular not only from attacks and other physical threats, but also from certain diseases. For example, the U.S. researchers from the Allergy and Immunology Research Center (ACAAI) assure that when there is a dog in a family, children are less prone to eczema and asthma. This […]

Children with ADHD Learn Better when They Move

There are children who were born to immediately jump out of a cradle to run away. They are not able to sit still even for five minutes or concentrate for a long time. These are children with ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder). They are often inattentive, restless and impulsive, but still they can socialize […]

Dyslexia: Diagnosis or an Empty Word?

The term “dyslexia” has not only become widespred in the West; it is now recognized as the most common of all learning disabilities. And yet, many recent headlines proclaim that “dyslexia doesn’t exist”. Of course, one should always beware of such radical statements found online. But where does the truth lie? Reading difficulties do exist. […]

ADHD: Disease, Excuse, or Parents’ Fault?

While some years ago the acronym ADHD was unintelligible to many, by now everyone has probably heard of the Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. More and more children are being diagnosed with it and given medication to treat the disease. But is it a disease? The traditional method of Western psychiatry is to treat any […]

Baby Sunscreen

The sun is what keeps every little living being ticking, and we cannot imagine our life without it. However, it uses what can well be referred to as the carrot-and-stick approach. It emits UV light, which may cause severe burns and create a potential for cancer. This specifically applies to infants and toddlers. Protect your […]