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How to Detect Early Signs of Skin Cancer

Being diagnosed with skin cancer is taken hard by many people. To make a decision is a worrisome time is really tough. The good news here is that the chances for you to survive skin cancer are very good provided that it is detected early in early stages. In fact, the best way to control […]

Balanced Nutrition is Effective for Skin Cancer Prevention

Deficiencies in the diet are closely related to skin cancer. Carcinogens can trigger cancer infiltrating cells and corrupting the DNA. This provokes the DNA mutation which converts normal cells in malignant ones. The body can fight off mutations by boosting the immunity with a healthy diet. Apart from a healthy diet your body also needs […]

Skin Cancer Causes and Effects

Like other cancer types, skin cancer is generally caused if the cells are being exposed to an environmental condition. This makes cells, or even genes to mutate into oncogenes. An oncogene triggers tumor growth. In most cases it is unclear what environmental condition may have caused cancer. In case of skin cancer, it is thought […]

Skin Cancer Melanoma- The Four Stages

A very dangerous disease, skin cancer can progress through different stages. Each of them is characterized by its own peculiarities. Diagnosing melanoma at an early stage is crucial, as the earlier the lesion is removed, the higher the chances of recovery. In this article, we will discuss what melanoma stages there are. Melanoma is a […]

Choosing a Treatment for Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a very serious condition. However, it can be treated, or at least, the symptoms can be alleviated. Generally, there are three main types of the illness: malignant melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma. Treatment for skin cancer starts from identifying the type of the condition. Another factor for the choice […]

When Was Skin Cancer First Discovered?

The first description of symptoms and even swellings surgical treatment was discovered in the medical literature of ancient Egypt, China, India, the writings of Hippocrates, Galen, Razi, Ibn Sina. Moreover it is known that some cancer patient’s surgical treatment was organized in Europe in 15-18 centuries. However the cancer scientific discipline emergence is dedicated to […]

What Are the Reasons of Skin Cancer?

Melanom – is a malignant tumor. Usually it is brown or black color which depends on melanin production. Need it to admit that this disorder is very serious and deserves particular attention and treatment. More frequent it is developed on white men bodies and on white women legs, however this swelling may appear on any […]

Skin Cancer – Are You At High Risk For Skin Cancer?

Each year the disease affects 2,118,000 people worldwiide, white skin cancer (basal cell cancer cell or sting). To the particularly dangerous black skin (malignant melanoma) diagnosed each year, About 277,000 die each year on malignant melanoma. In recent years, the number of new cases increased sharply. According to experts believe there are currently some 875,000 […]