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AML in Adults and Children: Same Name, Different Diseases?

Acute myeloid leukemia can strike regardless of age. It can occur in infants as well as in the elderly. Most modern approaches imply using the same treatment strategies for all ages, but it appears that the assumption that children are little adults and so the same therapy will do is wrong. Researchers report that AML […]

Effective Natural Treatment for Leukemia

In the modern world there is a number of treating options for people who suffer from leukemia. As a matter of fact, alternative treatment for leukemia can be used. This is oxygenation and detoxification. Benefits of natural treatment for leukemia In fact, natural treatment can cure cancer like medical remedies. The main advantage is the […]

Acute Leukemia Symptoms and Little Known Facts

There are two main forms or acute leukemia that are known as Acute Myelogenous leukemia (AML) and Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). As acute leukemia is known for its fast developing, it’s important to start treatment process as soon as possible as this way the patient has more chances to get successful treatment. Success here means […]

Leukemia: Symptoms, Types and Possible Treatments

Leukemia is one of cancer forms and it affects human blood. The disease is developed in the bone marrow. When affected, it starts producing white blood cells in uncontrolled quantities and this breaks normal blood circulating and functioning. Scientists name two main forms of leukemia – acute and chronic ones. The first one, acute leukemia, […]