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Natural Remedies for Asthma

Natural remedies for asthma are great variation from the traditional medication. They are suitable for the usage both in kids and adults and proved to be rather effective. In many cases asthma is inherited and frequently is accompanied with some kind of a food intolerance or eczema. Conventional medicine is becoming less popular and therefore […]

Asthma Prevention – Can Asthma Be Cured?

Controlling asthma and mitigating its effects. The common reason why asthma can become worse in some time is because it is not controlled in a proper way. Nowadays controlling asthma is actually easy due to the fact that there are both alternative and conventional ways of treating asthma available on the market. If you are […]

Natural Remedies for Childhood Asthma

The solution to curing childhood asthma doesn’t have to be in the doctor’s office. According to certain studies things your kid might be exposed to by the doctor – like antibiotics or vaccines – can even cause childhood asthma in some cases. The Department of Social Security (UK) and the Health Department (Australia) do acknowledge […]

Chronic Asthma Treatment for Every Age

Everyone heard about asthma. It is not a very pleasant thing to have. The term asthma came from Greek and has got a meaning of panting. In case of an asthmatic attack the air passage narrows therefore blocking the access of air to the lungs. This causes shortness of breath, or panting. There are a […]

What is Therapeutic Breathing?

Our breath is a combination of body, mind and soul. Many blockades are set up throughout our life, which prevent true experiences of our real life. The breathing therapy is a form of enhanced respiration, which solves the blockades and clears our inner core. With the help of the therapeutic breathing, we are able to […]

What Is Asthma?

Chronic bronchial asthma is a permanent disease of the airways and often closely associated with an allergy. Asthma symptoms are usually incurred attention, not infrequently at night. For people with asthma, the airways are overly sensitive. For people with frequent asthma bronchial symptoms are  always easily ignited. This goes with mucosal swelling, accumulation of tough […]

Healthy Respiratory System

The airways are similar to a tree with a trunk (the trachea), two large main branches (the main bronchi), numerous small branches and twigs (bronchi and Bronchiolen) and – at the very end of lowest branches – many leaves, the so-called pulmonary vesicles or alveoli. Breathing enriches the blood with oxygen from the air. It […]

Bronchial Asthma

Bronchial asthma is a chronic inflammation of the airways (bronchi). Their mucous is hypersensitive, thus it responds to various stimuli and swells. Moreover it produces phlegm that’s tough on the lungs. The consequences are recurrent attacks of breathlessness, cough and shortness of breath. In between are also free intervals. In the worst cases the complaints […]