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Drug Allergy Self Care

If you have been diagnosed drug allergy, from now on you have to live with it. Certainly, most of the time you will not need to worry about your hypersensitivity to certain drugs, but it doesn’t mean you can forget about your health state. Doctors usually recommend wearing special bracelet or pendant that indicates you […]

How to Diagnose Drug Allergy

Drug allergy is one of the most unpleasant forms of allergy as you cannot be sure whether you have it or no. Even though quite often a person suffers from several types of allergy (ex. pollen, food, dust or cats/dogs allergies), it doesn’t mean that situation is the same in all cases.  A person who […]

Drug Allergy Treatment

Drug allergy is less common than other forms of hypersensitivity, but that doesn’t mean it is less dangerous or you can neglect the fact you have it. Certainly, drug allergy doesn’t create lifestyle limitations like, for example, a food one, but you should keep in mind an ingredient or drug you’re allergic to and try […]

Most Common Drug Allergy Causes

Drug Allergy is a serious and relatively annoying health condition that cannot be cured. It’s our immune system that causes allergic reactions that is why it’s impossible to remove drug allergy. The best solution in this case is to know elements you’re allergic to and make sure the drugs you take do not contain it. […]

What is Drug Allergies

Medications are used to cure health problems, but sometimes they unfortunately also can be the source of trouble and even problems. Drug Allergy is a medical condition in which you are hyper sensitive to some ingredients of certain drugs. Just as well as other types of allergies, drug allergy can be mild, moderate and severe. […]