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Teenagers Smoking

Teenagers are greatly affected by cigarettes in recent time. Teenager smoking is an alarm for the whole nation. Awareness is needed to protect the problem from occurrence. It is highly important to inform teenagers about negative sides of smoking. Smoking tobacco products harmfully affects the blood system and heart. About 2 and a half million […]

How Long Does Nicotine Stay in your System?

This is the question many smokers and nonsmokers ask when it comes to discussing the devastating consequences of smoking. Well, how long does it take for the body to drain it after just one cigarette? It depends. There are several factors, which include tobacco type and whether you have smoked, chewed, or used snuff. Whichever […]

How Many People Die an Hour Smoking?

Death from smoking is every 2 – 3 hours! Nicotine is the chemical substance contained in tobacco and is a strong poison, which acts on the nervous system. Smoking tobacco is habit which associated with the inhalation of tobacco smoke, and promotes the development of heart disease, blood vessels, stomach, lung and leads to cancer. […]

Nicotine Addiction and Its Influence on Health

First of all, smoking is a habit. A person starts smoking due to his personal various reasons. Frequently people use a cigarette to alleviate his melancholy, suffering, the same as for emotional relaxing. If you want to quit up smoking, you are to determine the grounds inducing you to light up in diverse situations. Yellowed […]

Smoking and Impotence

The Erectile Dysfunction is a man’s inability to achieve or maintain the hard erection during sexual intercourse. Millions of people in the world suffers from erectile dysfunction are suffering because of various reasons, but a new study has shown that smoking is also one main reasons for the cause erectile dysfunction among men. Smoking makes […]

Quit Smoking: The Successful Smoking Cessation

Many smokers wish now is to stop smoking and have already tried at least once, but that is not so simple. Even the thought without cigarette is difficult, it is for most smokers a very uneasy feeling. Other smokers have even thought of a smoking cessation, but haven’t got the courage to try. The fear […]