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Sore Throat and Vaping: Mild Side Effect One Can Easily Manage?

Vaping is on the rise, and more smokers and non-smokers are turning into vapers. The alternative to cigarettes is particularly popular with teenagers, which makes its spread even more alarming. Vaping is generally viewed as a safe substitution for tobacco, but it is definitely not true. One of the side effects you can experience is […]

Juuling: New Teen Addiction

Vaping has become extremely popular among teens. Although it is not a healthier alternative for the young, more and more girls and boys are becoming addicted to vaping. There are different kinds of it, and one of them, which has appeared only recently, is definitely a threat to teenagers’ health. Meet the Juul: a thing […]

Why are E-Cigarettes Dangerous?

The popularity of common cigarette substitutes is growing, and more people are starting using e-cigarettes. Although these are advertised as a safe alternative to tobacco, it appears that vaping is really dangerous, and this assumption is backed by a variety of scientific evidence. In what ways do smoked cigarettes and e-cigarettes differ? Conventional cigarettes, which […]

One Cigarette is not a Panacea

The BMJ (British Medical Journal) studies suggest that there is no smoking pattern that will allow you to stay on the safe side. Many smokers think that if you smoke only one cigarette a day, you will have one twentieth risk as compared to those who smoke a whole pack a day, but the scientists […]

How Long Does Nicotine Stay in your System?

This is the question many smokers and nonsmokers ask when it comes to discussing the devastating consequences of smoking. Well, how long does it take for the body to drain it after just one cigarette? It depends. There are several factors, which include tobacco type and whether you have smoked, chewed, or used snuff. Whichever […]