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Sore Throat and Vaping: Mild Side Effect One Can Easily Manage?

Vaping is on the rise, and more smokers and non-smokers are turning into vapers. The alternative to cigarettes is particularly popular with teenagers, which makes its spread even more alarming. Vaping is generally viewed as a safe substitution for tobacco, but it is definitely not true. One of the side effects you can experience is […]

The Real Cost Campaign: New Ad from FDA To Discourage Teens from Vaping

In the U.S., vaping is all the rage. It has become so common among youngsters that the newfangled bad habit has recently been called an epidemic. In an attempt to fight the spread of e-cigarettes, the FDA launched a campaign called the Real Cost, and its recent sci-fi-inspired ad is now deemed controversial by many. […]

E-Cig Flavorings Detrimental to Blood Vessels and Able to Kill Cells

With more people converting from common smokers to e-cigarette vapers, and more youngsters falling victim to the new trend, researchers aim to reveal what harm smoking e-cigarettes brings. It is clear that the tobacco contained in the liquid is dangerous, but it turns out that the flavorings added in it are no less noxious. Juuling […]

Being Lonely More Detrimental to Health Than Obesity and Smoking

There are so many factors that affect our health – and these effects can be both beneficial and detrimental – that it is difficult to say which ones are major contributors, and which ones are not that significant. In a new research, scientists revealed that smoking can be less evil than being lonely – even […]

Juuling: New Teen Addiction

Vaping has become extremely popular among teens. Although it is not a healthier alternative for the young, more and more girls and boys are becoming addicted to vaping. There are different kinds of it, and one of them, which has appeared only recently, is definitely a threat to teenagers’ health. Meet the Juul: a thing […]

Why are E-Cigarettes Dangerous?

The popularity of common cigarette substitutes is growing, and more people are starting using e-cigarettes. Although these are advertised as a safe alternative to tobacco, it appears that vaping is really dangerous, and this assumption is backed by a variety of scientific evidence. In what ways do smoked cigarettes and e-cigarettes differ? Conventional cigarettes, which […]

One Cigarette is not a Panacea

The BMJ (British Medical Journal) studies suggest that there is no smoking pattern that will allow you to stay on the safe side. Many smokers think that if you smoke only one cigarette a day, you will have one twentieth risk as compared to those who smoke a whole pack a day, but the scientists […]

Tomatoes and Apples Can Help Reverse Smoke Damage to Lungs in Ex-Smokers

Nowadays smoking is not as popular as it used to be, as more and more governments are striving to introduce new measures to eliminate such a phenomenon from the society. However, even if a person quits smoking, his or her lungs are already damaged. American researchers have recently revealed that consuming tomatoes and apples on […]

Reasons to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

When you decide to stop smoking, you need to use the reasons to quit smoking as a main advantage. In fact, the list of reasons to quit smoking can be endless, it may include your friends’ names, family, and the external and internal environments. Here are the reasons to quit smoking Risk of cancer We […]

Dangers of Smoking – Short Life Expectancy

Many people feel that smoking is a kind of hobby. Studies conducted by the American Cancer Society and the American Lung Association indicate that smoking is in fact the main trigger of premature death. It is necessary to realize that smoking does not poisons only the smoker, but it also contributes to the health aggravation […]

5 Steps to Stop Smoking Naturally in a Month

In fact nature has always been ahead of technology and science. Whereas science is trying to find new ways to help you quit smoking and, nature is hiding really effective secrets. If you are a smoker and have a strong desire to quit, it is a nice point to start at. Below you will see […]

Easy Methods to Help You Quit Smoking

Understanding the negative effects that smoking produces, many smokers start trying to quit smoking. The problem is that if you have been smoking for several years, you’ll definitely find it hard to quit. The nicotine from cigarettes is extremely addictive and the addiction makes quitting smoking very tough. To quit smoking you need commitment and […]

Stop Smoking Plan – Tips to Cope with Smoking Habit

It’s not easy to control the urge to not smoke, in particular when your friends smoke, with all these smoking zones. It always poses temptations where you can give in and smoke, but relapsing in smoking is not what you wanted. Let’s look at the tips which help to stop smoking. Self Motivation You need […]

Natural Ways to Help You Stop Smoking For Good

There are numerous products helping you to stop smoking. Medications and chemicals line the shelves in drug stores, which prove the popularity of easy and quick supplements. There are natural ways you can use to fight the addiction. Herbal remedies St. John’s Wort is a natural anti-depressant. The medical community has discovered that the herb […]

Second Hand Smoking and Its Effects

Second hand smoking has never been a more burning topic than recently. It is also known under the term of passive smoking and tends to be considered a type of tobacco-related diseases in medical terms according to the effect it produces on a person’s health. Moreover, the topic also arouses the issue of a smoker’s […]

Six Steps to Stop Smoking

Do you smoke and you are trying to give up? The best decision is to get to know how to give up smoking. Why? If you stop now, you will add 7 years to the life span and you will be healthy and will enjoy your life. 1. Be clear you want to stop smoking […]

Smoking Is the Main Cause of Lung Cancer

Everybody knows smoking causes lung cancer. But it increases the risks of not only lung cancer but also pancreatic cancer, esophageal cancer, kidney cancer, oral cavity cancer, laryngeal cancer. These cancer types are rising among women because of high smoking levels. Heavy tobacco use causes various cancer forms and raises the risks of developing cardiovascular […]

Risks and Effects of Passive Smoking

Inhaling smoke made by somebody else is passive smoking. It is called second hand smoking or involuntary smoking. So in passive smoking people just have to breathe the smoke from burning cigarette / pipe/ cigar and the smoke inhaled and exhaled by active smokers. Nowadays second hand smoke is the main indoor pollution source. Every […]

Pregnant Women Smoking: Effects on Child and Mother

Smoking and pregnancy are the words that are not to go together. A pregnant woman-smoker exposes herself as well as the unborn baby to huge health risks. Cigarette smoke has above 2000 components, including harmful carbon monoxide, cyanide and nicotine. The substances are absorbed into the placenta affecting the baby. The most dangerous effect of […]