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Alcohol and Drug Abuse in the Youth is a Serious Problem

Many clinical reports pointed to the rising incidence of alcohol and drug abuse among young people. Drug abuse among the youth is a severe problem in most countries. It results in different consequences at the social, economic, legal and health level. Apart from the economic cost, drug abuse in the youth causes juvenile delinquency, social […]

Mental Disorders due to Drug Abuse

Co-occurring problems substance abuse and mental disorders in people are actually more common than you might think. More severe cases need treatment to live normally, self diagnose and self medication in minor and moderate cases. A lot of people found out mental health problems after they entered drug or alcohol treatment for the dependence and […]

Pharming/Pharmaceutical Drug Abuse

A drug culture is rising among teenagers that might influence younger siblings. It is named farming (pharmaceutical). Teens are gathering in small and big companies for pharm parties. It is becoming popular among teenagers and you should be aware to keep your children safe avoiding drug abuse. Thinking about the difficulty adults have in admitting […]

Symptoms of Drug Abuse – Physical Changes

Once the drug usage is begun, changes in behavior come first. But in some time, changes in health and appearance will show up. When drug abuse has achieved the changing in physical appearance, this means it is on the way to harmful addiction. If you wait for weight loss, red nostrils or other physical symptoms […]

How Long does Weed Stay in Your System?

Marijuana (weed, pot, etc.) do not actually refer to the class of “hard drugs” and is very popular. In some countries and in the USA as well it is the most commonly abused drug. This is true notwithstanding the fact that weed is considered illegal as it evokes physical and behavioral adverse effects. Still, it […]

How Long does Pot Stay in Your System?

It’s a tough question, as there are many factors that affect the speed of cannabis metabolite elimination. Different fluids and tissues keep traces of cannabis for different periods of time, and frequency of smoking, as well as other cannabis consumption peculiarities, plays an important role in shaping the way your body stores and gets rid […]

How Long Do Drugs Stay in Your System?

During scientific researches there was made and confirmed one of the discoveries, which presupposes that residues of drugs and other poisons trapped in the fatty tissue of the body and remain there even after many years of their admission. Remains of the drug may continue to negatively affect the person long after the action of […]

Detoxification Guide

The definition of detoxification, also called withdrawal, is limited in the treatment of sick people that is looking at removing the physical, so physical dependence and the medical treatment of withdrawal symptoms. If the drug is no longer fed, withdrawal symptoms occur. With a detox, the body will be drug free, so that the organism […]

Drug Abuse, Drug Addiction

The term drug abuse is the consumption of substances, a rush order, or hallucinations produce stimulant effects and / or the consumers in a euphoric mood. Moreover, excessive consumption of alcohol and nicotine falls under the concept of drug abuse. In a narrower sense, however, is almost exclusively illegal consumption of drugs meant: opiates (opium, […]

Drug Dependence Syndrome

The drug dependence syndrome (colloquially: addiction, abuse, addiction) means a disruption by drugs (psychotropic substances) in line with the ICD-10. A syndrome describes the simultaneous existence of different characteristics (symptoms) with mostly single causes of unclear development course. To diagnose the dependency syndrome one must meet at least three of the ICD-10 criteria during the […]

Psychological Effect, Denial of Dependence, Loss of Control

Behind a psychological addiction is always a search for vice relationship, love, happiness, contact, desire, satisfaction, etc., of course, in this way remains totally unsuccessful. In essence, is a substitute for action, in which the intellectual and emotional energy on dealing with the drug is addressed. So often the need for human contact and the […]