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Usual Alcoholic Beverages Lead to a Real Risk of Cancer Development

A Friday night is definitely one of the most expected days of the week. It’s quite natural that most people prefer having some rest in night clubs, restaurants or at home with some amount of alcohol to feel relaxed. Do you have such a popular habit? If your answer is “Yes”, you should read further. […]

Alcohol and Heart Disease are Closely Related

Alcohol abuse can cause many health problems. When alcohol appears in the body, the brain, muscles and many other organs and body parts are at risk. Recent medical studies published that moderate use of alcohol has a positive effects on the heart. In fact, it is reported that moderate drinking helps to prevent heart disease […]

Depression and Alcohol Abuse – Ways to Deal with the Problem

Depression is probably the most common illness in the world and the thing is that people may get affected by depression not only once in their lifetime. Very few individuals can cope with depression. And alcohol consumption improves the mood and makes you feel better for some time. Alcohol induces sleep in those who suffer […]

Alcohol Abuse vs. Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a disorder that involves uncontrollable dependence on the physical level and the reliance on alcohol on the emotional level. The sufferers cannot ignore drinks even when they faced direct consequences in every sphere of their life – work, financial stability, marriage. This disease is chronic and it is developing, if left untreated, it […]

Secrets on How to Reverse the Damage from Alcohol

What causes drinking problem? There is a manifold of reasons. This can be troubles with your family or friend, money problems, employment issues as well as troubles with law may result in alcohol abuse. Problems that might take place range from developing the bad habit of consuming alcohol in particular situations (at weekends, after work, […]

How Can I Get an Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Drinking has become a part of get-togethers nowadays. And it is almost inevitable for people to drink on different occasions. There is actually nothing wrong with drinking alcohol. Several studies have shown that alcohol can be good for our health. This needs to be detailed. The right alcohol amount produces positive effects for the body. […]

Married to an Alcoholic? What to Do?

Is your spouse an alcoholic? Does your husband/wife become an absolutely different individual when they drink? You just cannot tolerate it anymore? What should you do? First of all do not try to get your spouse to stop consuming alcohol. It is not important how much you tell them to quit drinking, anyway it won’t […]

Devastating Effects of Alcohol Abuse

The effects of abusing alcohol are rather harmful and devastating, especially if you consume it in large amounts. The sanction that alcohol consumption has in many areas of the world only partially obscures the danger it poses to society. Apart from this, alcohol is fueled by the association with sense of freedom, fun, adventure spirit. […]

How Long Do You Live With Cirrhosis Of The Liver

Cirrhosis is a serious disorder of the liver and is often associated with a number of life-threatening complications such as coughing up blood, kidney failure, build up of fluid in the abdomen, infections, easy bleeding, and mental status changes. The progression of cirrhosis depends on many factors and it is impossible to state with certainty […]

How Does Alcohol Affect the Stomach?

During ethanol influence on the body there are possible to determine two phases: absorption and incubation. The time from alcohol consumption till it maximum concentration in the blood is the period of absorption. Thus, till ethanol is in the stomach, the absorption is enough slow, then by means of it transmitting into the small intestine, […]

What Are the Indications of Alcohol Abuse?

There are many different definitions of alcoholism, but the most widely accepted ones include a recurrent consumption of alcohol in spite of negative consequences. This implies a distortion in thinking, i.e. the inability to recognize the adverse effects caused by regular alcohol consumption. Alcoholism is a widespread global problem and causes a number of diseases, […]