Berries Cure!

Berries represent a rapidly growing trend in what is now we refer to as healthy nutrition. There are tons of research-based information highlighting their curative properties. Also, there is plenty of data suggesting that berries contain substances that protect us from some serious diseases, such as diabetes and cancer. That is not unfounded either.

Why have berries?

What we know for certain is that there are all reasons for berries to be part of our diet. They are loaded with antioxidants, which reduce cell damage by controlling free radicals. Anthocyanidins are a group of substances, which exert a beneficial influence on blood vessels and heart.

Apart from these, berries are an abundant source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, which are the construction material of our systems and organs. There are lots of berry species, each one with its own set of effects and properties. Here they are, to name a few:


Although strawberries are not rare, they are excellent health and energy boosters. They are rich in antioxidants (like all other berries) and phenols. These substances keep the brain functioning properly and are great for patients dealing with macular eye disease. Other healthy nutrients include vitamin C, a group of B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin K, copper, potassium, iodine, folate, magnesium.


Thanks to the fruit structure, raspberries are among the richest sources of fiber and therefore are great for the digestive system. They contain a whole bunch of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, which are crucial for the functioning of vital internal organs (liver, lungs, kidneys, brain, etc.)


Blackberries are known for their exceptional antioxidant potential. Besides, they contain ellagic acid, which has anti-cancer properties. They also have gallic acid, quercetin, cyanins, anthocyanins, vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese, folic acid. Finally, blackberry is a wealthy fiber provider. They contain pectin, which reduces bad cholesterol.


Bilberries have notoriously high levels of anthocyanidins and hence they can be recommended for patients dealing with cardiovascular disorders. Since they strengthen blood vessels and eliminate the consequences of oxidative damage to vessels, they increase blood flow in the tiniest capillaries of retina and improve vision. Bilberry components are also known to reduce varicosity and related conditions, such as hemorrhoids.


Blueberries are larger than bilberries, and are loaded with antioxidants too. They exert a healing effect on blood vessels, reduce free-radical damage, reduce the risk of cardiac issues, improve memory, and prevent early aging.


Cranberries have a specific sour flavor. It is nothing less than the taste of the healing agents, which are galore in this berry. These berries are very rich in vitamin C. Their healing power was discovered centuries ago. Cranberry is a great remedy that is used in treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and their symptoms (diarrhea, nausea, etc.) Also, these berries are used in treatment of renal and urinary problems.

Acai berry

These little wonders from the Amazon rainforest area brings a whole load of health benefits, many of which are yet to be confirmed. They are high in antioxidants and exert detoxifying, healing, bracing, and generally invigorating effects. Acai berries are very high on anthocyanins. Thanks to their exceptional antioxidant properties, they reduce free-radical damage and lower the risk of tumors.

Another wonderful things about berries is that you can grow them in your garden and reap their health benefits all the time!

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