Bikini Body Workout

Bikini season has already started. The sea and beach are calling! If you have any doubts about your body shape – this bikini body workout allows you to get slimmer and train all muscle groups at the same time and get ready for the vacation of your dream. All of the exercises are easy to learn and most of them do not require additional equipment. You’ll need a fitness ball only for two of them, but if you do not have it, you can skip these exercises, or find an alternative to this ball.

Of course, healthy diet is an integral part of losing weight process, which will contribute to muscle building and burning of subcutaneous fat.

Are you ready to exercise hard? If so, then remember some rules that to follow:

  • Do a warm-up and cooling down always for most effective results
  • Train 3 – 4 times a week
  • Do all the exercises one after another with no rest between them
  • Do not drink water during the set
  • Do the workout in a diligent and quality manner
  • Add some cardio. Run or ride a bike 1 to 2 times a week in the nearest park or stadium.

Curl ups

Targeted muscles: ABC, oblique, core, legs, arms

Starting position: lay down on the back, legs and arms slightly lift (A). Then lift the legs and torso up, while try to touch the arms of your legs (B).

The main thing in this exercise, especially at the beginning, is not to rush, do it under control and go down to the starting position as slowly as possible. Make 10 attempts.

Squats with a jump

Targeted muscles: legs, buttocks, core, ankles

A very good exercise for slimming your legs at home. Ordinary squats at first glance, but with one nuance. Stand straight, legs shoulder-width apart, hands behind your head (A), sit down, as in the usual sit-ups that you did in school (B), but do not get up, but jump up as high as you can (C). The hands must always be behind the head at all times.

Repeat 10 times and, without rest, go to the next.


Targeted muscles: ABC, oblique, buttocks, legs

Sit on the buttocks and slightly bend your back, hands in front of you, and the legs above the floor, keep a balance (A). Staying in this position, turn your core to the right (B), and then to the left (C), and go back to the starting position. That’s one attempt. Make 15 attempts.


Targeted muscles: legs, buttocks, core

Important! Do this exercise only if you are not too overweight and have healthy knees.

You will need a low chair or a fitness platform. Put it in front of you, at 30-40 centimeters distance (A), jump on it, trying not to make a strong swing with your hands (B). Go back to the starting position. Do 10 jumps.

Hamstring curls with a ball

Targeted muscles: legs, buttocks, back, core

Lie on your stomach, elbows on the floor, and pinch the ball between your legs, bending them while kneeling (A). Now raise your legs as high as possible (B), feel how your buttocks and hamstrings work. Make 10 attempts. You can use a football or volleyball for this exercise.

Twisting on the ball

Targeted muscles: arms, legs, back, core

Stand at the plank position, place your legs and calves on the fitness ball (A). Then start lifting the hips and buttocks up (B). Rise as high as you can, then slowly go back to the starting position (A). Do as many repeats as you can.

Rest a few minutes and the whole workout one more time from the very beginning.

Do this effective bikini body workout 3 times a week, eat healthy and hydrate yourself and soon you’ll see amazing results!

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