Effects of Childhood Obesity Revealed

Childhood obesity is already an issue however this does not make the effects of childhood obesity less severe. This condition is fraught with a number of conditions ranging from mild ones and ending with such serious ones as diabetes. It is very likely that with the loss of weight a lot of them will alleviate and even clear up but the psychological impact can stay for a very long time.

Psychological effects of childhood obesity are represented in a person’s low self-esteem and poor communicative skills. Even if a child looses weight and manages to go through an awkward stage, the feeling of obesity tends to stay and spoil the appreciation of life. In many cases psychological damage that a kid experiences while being obese is really great and it does not allow a person to move on and enjoy life. It is frequently that obese kids end up depressed and reserved.


One of the aggravating factors is society – school in particular. Kids can be very cruel frequently and all the teasing and picking on in no way can help an obese kid to love himself the way he is or motivate him for a change; it rather does something quite opposite. The effects of childhood obesity are that they cause a kid to detach from the society – it causes missed school and poor progress and more and more negative attitude.

It is frequently very hard for overweight teenagers to give vent to their feelings about the issue. They tend to drink alcohol and find solace in drugs. They are unable to find any better coping methods and only making their depression worse. This is a very serious problem.

Parents and Family

It is very important that parents do not leave this problem unattended. Many of them think that it is temporary and that it is normal for a growing teenager. Too many parents do not actually realize that the effects of childhood obesity on a kid can be really dramatic. This is something that should not be taken for granted. If there is a problem it should be brought up and discussed and all the efforts should be made to help a kid to deal with it.

It is very important that parents should create such conditions when kids are not afraid to talk about their problems; so, that they feel free to share their miseries. It is equally important that parents should be diplomatic and understand that in the modern world a lot of things are induced by mass media and that in many cases society expectations are irrational and even cruel. However, it is very unlikely that an overweight kid bullied at school, depressed and trying to compare himself to idols of Cosmo will be relieved by such an explanation as it is. It will not give him comfort in the least. It only can make a misunderstanding gap between him and parents broader.

It makes sense to lay emphasis on the fact that inner beauty is essential and looks matter only for those who are unable to see deeper. But again, these thoughts should be introduced quite skillfully to a kid. It helps a lot to praise a child frequently for the achievements and teach him to set goals. Parents should never criticize their kids for their weight and failure in losing it.

In case when obesity is really a great problem and effects of childhood obesity can lead to health problems, parents should help a kid to lose weight but do it wisely and without pressure. All the strategies should be thought out and very tactful. It might be a great pain and a stress for kids to realize that even their own parents consider them fat and unworthy.

Parents should not forget that they set an example for their kids. If a family is used to exercising and sports and healthy eating patterns, a kid will follow and won’t have problems. If not, the whole family should participate in a change.

The statistics of obesity in kids is very sad nowadays. Since 1970’s more and more overweight kids appear and this is neither healthy nor normal. Effects of childhood obesity are serious and this is a nation’s concern as kids are the future; and this future should be healthy and happy.

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