Keep Your Child Healthy – Childhood Obesity Prevention

Given the fact that the obesity rate is growing fast, parents are concerned about their kids and childhood obesity prevention. The given article describes 3 ways of preventing obesity in children.

People tend to blame the problem of obesity on fast food and processed food, or companies producing video games for making kids overweight. People think that this is their fault as they create temptation for children and put the ads which make children want to do something that provokes obesity. Though, it?s no good blaming these companies. The actual reason why kids become overweight is because parents let them watch TV the whole day or play those video games. The parents are often a bad example to follow for the kids.

In fact, there are three things parents should do for childhood obesity prevention.

  1. Limit the time spent on watching TV and playing video games. Children spend the whole day sitting around and not using the energy they receive from foods, putting on extra pounds. Parent should limit the time spent on the things which do not allow their children to burn off the energy.
  2. Keep your kids away from processed unhealthy food. This is actually difficult to control as there are vending machines at schools, and the lunch room is full of cookies and other harmful food. In addition, the food choice for a snack is very poor and mostly includes fast food. You should prepare a lunch for your child to take to school. You need to keep your kids away from different sources of fast food. In fact, you can make a lot of meals quickly, just plan it ahead and you will avoid many problems.Finally, you should care for the food you have in the house. As a matter of fact, we all have cupboards with cookies, potato chips and other unhealthy snacks. First of all you need to throw away the unhealthy processed food and give your kid a better alternative, for example, fresh fruit.
  3. Make a supportive environment. Actually, if your children notice you eat fast food, they will prefer to eat it too. If you won?t let them do this, they will become rebellious and will eat unhealthy food because you are setting an example.It is necessary to remove all the junk food from your house. Choose healthy food and exercise on a regular basis. And it will be nice to do some fun and healthy activities with the children.

Thus you will create an atmosphere supporting healthy life style.

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