How to Detect Severe Depression and Treat it

Nowadays so many people feel depressed that there is even such a term as nation of Prozac. Why does it happen so? What makes some people deeply depressed? What is it this depression and anxiety? How can we combat it or somehow control?

The answers to these questions you can find in this article which is intended to help people detect if they are seriously depressed and help them to cope with it by different methods.

There are different forms of depressive illnesses. And one of them is severe depression, in other words major depressive disorder. In fact, depression is a disorder which can affect all life parts. If a person is depressed, it often seems to him/her that they lost the way. Usually severe depression happens once in a lifetime but more often, depression is a recurring disease occurring throughout your life.

There isn’t any single illness cause. The most common reason why some people feel depressed is due to a chemical imbalance happening in their brain.

About 90% of people suffering from depression come back to normal life thanks to proper treatments. Antidepressants are the usual option for most sufferers. You might know highly advertised medicines like Prozac, Zoloft and Cymbalta. These drugs are taken to fix the chemical imbalance which causes severe depression.

Another treatment option is natural remedies. Most people choose natural over treatments as they are safe and do not produce any side effects. Some natural treatments are listed here:

  • St. John’s Wort
  • fish oil
  • green tea
  • Passion Flower
  • folic acid and etc.

People learn to be attentive to their diet and how it affects severe depression. According to the research, the foods we consume have significant affect on our mood, in particular in those people who feel depressed. Foods rich in sugar and carbs spike the levels of blood sugar and send them falling down two times as fast. This causes bad mood and then might lead to severe depression.

Many people do not realize why they feel this or that way. Some people feel depressed for a short time while others may feel constant depression and prefer to eat something sweet to feel better. A wise alternative is to eat the food which will cater to the levels of blood sugar rather than unbalancing them. Foods containing large amounts of fiber and protein are a nice substitute which helps people feel full and healthy.

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