How to Grow Hair Rapidly

If you are considering how to grow your hair faster, you should take aboard several factors to reach an optimal result. Today we will speak about food, treatment, gadgets and rituals to help you to achieve a desired length as rapid as possible. Ah, and you will find a recipe of a stunning DIY hair mask!


Protein is the main building material and growth promoter of all the cells of our body. Add more eggs, fish, dairy and meat products to your daily menu. Fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9 are also beneficial. They are contained in olive and flaxseed oils. Vegetarian growth boosters are carrots, cabbage, beet-root, pumpkin seeds as they are rich in vitamins A, E and zinc.

The most impatient ladies can look for reliable multivitamins and mineral food supplements. They must include vitamins E, D, C, B2, B5, B6, K, inositol, biotin, folic acid, rutin, calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, chromium, selenium, copper, potassium, iodine.

Hair Products

Always consider your hair and skin types choosing cosmetics. When oil-glands work well, they do not stop bulb development. Opt for shampoos free from silicones and parabens. High quality balms, conditioners and masks prevent hair damage while oils are perfectly nourishing it.

In case you are suffering from hair loss or other issues with head skin, you should use special medical lotions. They release from scurf, ease itching and irritation stimulating hair growth. A standard medical treatment course is planned for 3 months. Moreover, trichologists recommend unwashable products because they influence hair bulbs more actively and effectively.


If you still think that frequent haircuts are not the right answer for the question “how to grow your hair faster?”, the following will change your opinion. It is healthy and efficient to cut your hair ends at least every 3 months to make them healthy. In addition, in might sound weird but it is more efficient to get your haircut when it is increscent moon in the sky (the 3rd and 4th lunar days are the most productive for these goals).


Regular massage of head is not only a very tender way to grow your hair, it is a brilliant anti-stress treatment for the whole body. You should brush your hair 100 times each day with a natural brush to achieve a prominent effect.

Another technique is massage according to parts on the head. You rub skin on the central part, than form another one in 1-2 centimeter to the right or to the left changing the sides every time. The most pleasant way is to massage your head starting from the points on the neck behind the ears and moving gently to the top.

Combs and Brushes

Here is the secret of “Rapunzel’s comb”: you should brush your hair in depth in the morning and in the evening to stimulate capillaries. It is better to use brushes with natural bristles with exception for the curly hair which should be treated with combs. To make your hair grow more intensively, you can choose a brush with small balls on the ends. And do not forget that brushes and combs also have date of expiry.

Moreover, there is a special laser brush that improves microcirculation of blood and actively initiates hair roots. You can complete a treatment course of laser brush in a clinic or purchase this gadget and use it at home what is substantially cheaper.

Legendary DIY Hair Mask

In case you have already searched for the tips describing how to grow your hair faster, you might have encountered DIY recipes of hair masks. The following one is known all over the world. Take 2 table spoons if mustard, 1 yolk, 1 tea spoon of honey, 2-3 table spoons of olive oil and add some hot water. Mix all the ingredients together. Put this mask on the skin of the head only, put a plastic shower сap and enwrap it in the towel. Stay with it from 15 to 30 minutes then wash your hair. Do not use hairdryer after that.

This burning mixture is not appropriate for people with dry and sensitive hair skin and it cannot be applied if you have seborrhea or dermatitis.


It is one of the most productive ways to strengthen your hair and make it grow faster. During the procedure, a cosmetician administers an injection of biologically active agents under the skin of your head. It is worth to notice, that the composition of vitamins, amino acids and other ingredients of the shot are selected by the doctor depending on your issue and goals.

During mesotherapy course the hair bulbs are nourished, blood circulation gets better and hair start to grow much faster. It is enough to complete 8-10 visits if you do not have any serious trichology problems.

Hair Growing Ampoules

Hair growing ampoules prevent hair from falling and make them grow more rapidly in a short period of time. They comprise the concentrate of biologically active ingredients and nutrients. They improve metabolic processes in each hair bulb, provide nutrient materials, prolong growing phase and make hair stronger.

The minimum course of applying hair growth ampoules is 2 months. And it is worth to consult a professional to reach the most productive effect.

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