Melanin – Friend or Foe?

Our beauty consists of enormous number of ingredients that compose the symphony of our health and wellness. Obviously, all of us want the song of our attractiveness to last as long as it is possible. And not to be interrupted by various issues, for example, prematurely grey hair. The good news is that you can influence this process controlling the melanin production in your body as this pigment is responsible for the colour of your hair.

The role of melanin for our body

This amazing substance intensively produced by our body in young age is broadly found in natural conditions. It determines the colour of our hair, iris and skin. This pigment is found even in the simplest creature.

Besides colouring, melanin has several functions crucial for our body:

  • it actively absorbs ultraviolet rays protecting the skin from the sun damage;
  • it facilitates production of cytokines and this feature is used by scientist to consider melanin as cure of immune and cancer diseases;
  • recent studies have shown that melanin is a sorbing agent of radionuclides including uranium;
  • it is a top-rank radical catcher and a powerful natural adaptogene.

Therapeutic features of melanin

Water-miscible melanin stops development of cancer when it reacts with nucleic acids and protein of cancer cells stopping their DNA synthesis. The barrier built by a cancer cell at the place of its new positioning is broken by water-miscible melanin so that lymphocytes can kill cancer cells freely.

Only 1% of “melanin extract” positively influence people who suffer from immune diseases and who survived heart attack. Melanin restores blood sugar level, regulates the functioning of liver and pancreatic gland, reconstructs the hormonal status of thyroid. Moreover, 1 gram of melanin is able to remove from the body up to 80% of cuprum, 60% of cadmium, 50% of mercuric and other harmful adulterants coming to our body with food.

The main beauty issue that can be solved by melanin increase is treatment of prematurely grey hair. When hair lack this pigment, empty spaces emerge in hair that cause grey hair effect. And you can regulate this process increasing melanin consumption.

Which products contain melanin?

One of the main symptoms of melanin deficiency is grey hair what creates certain discomfort, especially, for young women. That is why it is important to know which products are rich in melanin to prevent this problem.

In general, you should consume tryptophan and tyrosine, the amino acids that produce melanin. Tyrosine is contained in fish, meat, liver, sea products, almond, avocado and bean. The sources of tryptophan are peanut, bananas and dates.

In addition to the amino acids you need the vitamins C, E and A and carotene that are found in orange vegetables and fruit including peaches, bananas, apricots, melons, pumpkins and carrots.

The B10 vitamin is especially important for you if you want to increase melanin production as it stores in epidermis and gets activated under sun rays what causes melanin production. It is often included in sunscreen products and it also can be found in grits.

However, overabundance of melanin causes other skin problems like excessive pigmentation (brown macules on face, back, neck or arms), chloasmas and moles. It is highly recommend to consult your doctor before you start to increase the level of melanin in your body yourself to be sure that you do not have it too much.

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