Face Self Massage

Speaking of massage in general, people have used both massage and self-massage techniques since ancient times and throughout history. And if we talk about face self massage, every woman who does her skin beauty routine every day with the help of cosmetic products, applies self-massage techniques – to distribute cleansers, peelings, masks and creams we use stroking, rubbing or tapping moves. Usually this face self massage takes only a few minutes and certainly cannot eliminate any problems. Its main purpose is improve blood circulation a little and spread the cosmetic means over the skin, but nevertheless it is also a light self-massage.

Face self massage as a separate procedure

Let’s talk about face self massage as a separate procedure, as such techniques have been really gaining popularity in recent years. Why? On the one hand, professional face massage is a very effective procedure that can really help to slow down aging and smooth out many signs of aging.

But at the same time, to achieve a visible and lasting result, a woman should take a course of 10-15 sessions, and regular supporting sessions afterwards. Not everyone can afford it, due to lack of free time or finance. Therefore, many women are interested in various face self massage techniques. And in this regard, many questions arise.

First of all, the main question: how effective is self-massage at all? We should understand that face self massage is certainly less effective than a massage with a beautician. Many effective methods of facial massage require a certain position of hands, impossible with self-massage. But, on the other hand, if to compare the effective, competently performed face self massage and massage from an inexperienced or negligent beautician, then of course a good self massage is better and more effective.

Is it possible to master self-massage techniques?

To take care of your face properly, you first need to acquire certain knowledge and be able to correctly determine your skin type, type of aging, highlight your main skin problems. And should also learn how to navigate in a variety of cosmetics. The good news is that you do not need to become a professional cosmetologist to be able to properly care for your face. A cosmetologist needs extensive knowledge about people with different skin types and different ages. You only need to be able to take care of your skin.

But if you are going to do massage only to yourself, to support the muscles of the face and neck in a normal tone, to have a cared-for and shiny look, you just need to master one effective technique and practice it regularly.

Benefits of face self massage

The first and most important advantage – face self massage is for free! Or to say more accurately, you pay once to master a course of effective face self massage, you can use this technique for the rest of your life. Self-massage technique has no expiration date.

The second important benefit is that your hands are always with you and you can do self massage anywhere and anytime.

These two undisputed advantages make face self massage a very attractive face care tool. But there is one more good piece of news that you will surely like – self massage is the case when the quantity goes into quality. Despite the fact that self massage works more slow then professional face massage (a beautician usually needs 10-15 sessions to achieve a good result, and with self massage you will probably need 20-30 sessions), in the end you will get a good, noticeable result on your face.

For your reference a very effective anti-age face massage from Japanese beautician Hisako Tanaka. It stimulates lymph and blood circulation and tones the entire face.

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