Body Dysmorphic Disorder Treatment Steps

Under the term of body dysmorphic disorder is understood the ailment when a person is obsessed with the physical defects that can be either real or imaginary. Appearance occupies the first place in the thoughts of a person and these thoughts are mostly negative. A person dislikes his or her looks to such an extent so that it becomes an obsession.

Some parts seem disproportionate and even ugly and these wrong assumptions and exaggerated faults lead a person to a state of severe depression and inadequate behaviors. Patients with body dysmorphic disorder tend to isolate themselves socially and get obsessed with the necessity of cosmetic surgery and so on.

The best thing for body dysmorphic disorder treatment is to combine cognitive-behavioral therapy together with some medications’ therapy. Therefore, the first thing a person suffering from this problem should do is to find a psychotherapist and arrange a consultation. Talking therapy will be able to alleviate the condition to a great extent and help to change the negative pattern of thinking to the positive as well as teach you how not to focus on irrational thoughts and neutralize or eliminate them.

Next very important step is to be ready for a change. Every therapy presupposes hard work and making effort, frequently doing something that is not exactly what a person may like or what he or she is used to. Cognitive-behavioral therapy as the best and the most effective body dysmorphic disorder treatment presupposes different techniques that help to change your self-perception and at the same time alternate your behavior patterns, namely, introducing a person to the social situations that before the therapy were challenging and unpleasant to a person and therefore were avoided at all costs. The exercises involved in the body dysmorphic disorder treatment will help a person to overcome the obsessions in a considerable way and start developing a new more positive body image.

Frequently body dysmorphic disorder treatment is accompanied with medication therapies. It is considered that as in the cases of depression, BDD can be caused by the insufficient amounts of serotonin in the brain. This neurotransmitter is responsible for the feelings of happiness and its lack leads to mood swing and other similar conditions. Most commonly prescribed medications used for body dysmorphic disorder treatment are the following antidepressants – SSRIs, or selective reuptake inhibitors. They help to restore chemical balance in the brain and alleviate the condition symptoms.

A person undergoing body dysmorphic disorder treatment should make it know for his or her family so that they could be helpful understanding and supporting. The therapy will be even more successful if there are family members that partake in it and assist with the assignments.

Body dysmorphic disorder treatment is necessary for much greater number of people that it is actually thought. The thing is that the condition is not very commonly diagnosed as an illness taking the disguise of depression and the like. However, it is important to know the symptoms in order to help a person and convince him or her in the necessity of treatment.

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