Hidden Sugar Bombs

Although advocacy groups have helped Americans to reduce sugar consumption by about 15% over the past decade, an average citizen still takes three times the amount of sugar the body really needs. Unhealthy doses of sugar create a potential for serious and often life-threatening conditions, such as diabetes, heart issues, vascular disorders, and cancer.

Research has shown that many foods labeled as sugar-low and/or sugar-free do actually contain it. Not infrequently, we overdose on sugar because we eat foods that are richer in this substance than we think. Eating such a food on a regular basis, knowingly or unknowingly, is like setting up a time bomb that will blow one day and shatter what’s left of your health. Studies have revealed a number of foods that are traditionally thought to be sugar free, but need a closer look. These are:


Yeast is inalienable part of bread, and it takes a bit of sugar to produce it. Therefore, even whole-grain bread (even if it does not taste sweet at all) can be loaded with sugar.

Fruit Yogurt

Fruit-flavored yogurt tastes sweet for the simple reason it is packed full of sugar. The average yogurt pack contains 20 grams of it.

Tomato Sauces and Ketchups

These red mouth-watering agents are used to flavor a variety of delicacies, including pasta and barbecue. Although most pasta manufacturers use lycopene, there are ones that add sugar instead. For this reason, it is advisable to read labels prior to buying it. Crushing tomatoes and adding spices to the stuff will provide you the healthiest and tastiest type of sauce/ketchup you can afford!

Soda Drinks

Of all sugar bombs that are widely available today, sodas are the most destructive ones. On the average, an 8-ounce can contains about 30 g of sugar. Sodas top the list of products, which doctors designate as taboos for their patients.

Energy Drinks

These are even more avoidable than the previous one. The euphoria you get after an energy shot is from sugar, not from caffeine or any other natural substance. These drinks have sugar galore and therefore are not to be trifled with!

Dried Fruits

Unfortunately, not all dried fruits get their sweet taste from their own natural carbohydrates. Many brands just go the simplest (and least healthy) way and add sugar. Please, think twice before including it in your diet.

Why Is Sugar Bad?

Sugar is very addictive. Those who, after years of consuming sugary products, finally want to cut down on it discover almost irresistible cravings. It happens because carbohydrates affect and activate areas in the brain, which regulate the desire to eat. Foods, which contain sugar without tasting sweet, may “secretly” get you hooked on sugar, because the body does actually get sugar, which activates the aforementioned areas. Every next dose makes you want to have another one.

The energy boost you get after a shot of sugar is deceptive. Yes, your energy level will skyrocket. However, this is going to be nothing short of the-higher-you-fly-the-harder-you-fall experience. After an upsurge, a heavy tumble will follow. It happens because blood glucose levels increase dramatically after intake and fall just as dramatically after a couple of hours. The glucose drop will drain you of energy and shatter your concentration and, consequently, performance.

Sugar causes obesity. When you take more of it than your liver can process, excess sugar is converted to fatty acids, which deposit in your body and become a source of kilos.

This whole thing is not to tell you that sugar is some kind of “ultimate evil”. The human body uses it as a source of energy, which is vital for normal functioning. It is not about what we eat, but how we eat it. Simply put, we are not telling you to farewell your favorite type of bread or dry fruits. Just read labels and take as much sugar as your body can normally handle!

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