Allergies to Cats – How to Avoid the Allergens

The cat is undoubtedly the most loved pet of all in the world. As cats are great pets, lots of households have several cats. Many people have allergies caused by cats. According to the estimates, allergy to cats is among the most widely spread allergies inflicting mankind.

If you experience an allergic response to cats, it is crucial that you choose a cat allergy treatment which works for your case. As a matter of fact there are many options available online and locally.

Cat allergies are generally produced by 2 things: dander and saliva. Dead skin cells are dander; it sheds off of all warm blooded animals, including cats. Dander is usually released in flakes similar to human dandruff. Itchy skin and some other symptoms of allergy to cats appear if the proteins in saliva and dander get in the immune system of an individual. Inside the human body the allergens are recognized as a dangerous threat for the body. As a matter of fact all allergies are provoked by the substances which modern science doesn’t consider being a threat, but the body reacts to such substances like to dangerous agents.

Cats have 5 or more allergens released by the body. The allergens may be located in the urine or blood of the cat. Even if there hasn’t been any cat for a long time, the allergens in the fluids might still be dangerous for your health. This means you will have symptoms of allergy to cats even several months after the cat has left your house. If you have allergic reactions to pets, it is necessary to clean the house on a regular basis so that to avoid allergic responses to some trapped allergens.

Actually, it’s a myth that people can have allergy to cat hair. In fact, there isn’t anything in cat hair that might incite allergy. But, cat hair traps different allergens released from the cat’s body parts. When cats groom themselves they rub saliva, which is an allergen, in the hair. Cat hair glues dander as well. When the dander sheds off from cat hair, it gets in the environment and causes allergic responses in humans. The way cat grooms itself is an instinct, and you cannot make a cat stop grooming even if you wash it yourself. But if you bathe your cat on a regular basis, it can help to eliminate many allergens attached to cat hair. Thus you will be able to avoid unpleasant allergic reactions.

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