How to Detox your Body from Sugar

Sugar is integral with most people’s everyday menu. However, not everyone really cares about its destructive influence on the body. It has been estimated, that we consume three times as much sugar ad our body can handle. Now, take a look, how often you take sweet desserts. Not unlikely, it is time for a little sugar detox!

Why is sugar dangerous?

What we refer to as sugar is the carbohydrate’s refined industrial-grade version, which has been around for only a century or so. From an evolutionary standpoint, the human body has had little time to learn to metabolize it properly. The intake is, vice versa, disproportionately huge. As the body fails to keep up with it, continuing to take sugar increase the risk of bad cholesterol, cardiovascular disorders, and diabetes.

There are two ways the body handles sugar:

  1. Burns and converts it into energy.
  2. Stores it in fat cells.

The former appears to be a way healthier option, doesn’t it? Yes, your body will choose it, but only until you take more than your pancreas can handle. One day, the gland will be drained of insulin, and your body will switch to Point 2 – a breeding ground for many other health issues.

It’s time to control sugar intake!

There are different ways to cut down on sugar, and their effectiveness is individual. For some people, going cold turkey is the right one; others choose to step down and do well in the end.

Whatever way works better for you, there is just one ultimate goal – eliminating sugar-rich products from your daily menu. This means that you are going to have to part with processed foods, sugary drinks, sweet desserts, sweet coffee, etc. Losing a bad habit like this is not a matter of days, and it takes a lot of effort and devotion.

Switch to natural carbohydrates

Replace refined sugar, a disaccharide, with natural carbohydrates (glucose, fructose, etc.), which are monosaccharaides. There are natural sugars galore in fruits, and they come along with fiber, healthy flavonoids and antioxidants. In addition, you can (and should) switch to whole-grain cereals (as well as carbs, pasta, etc.), which do not contain refined sugar. A regular cereal breakfast topped with apple, banana, strawberry, etc. slices will make you forget about all those sweet time-bombs that you have been taking so far. A lunch with a portion of chicken served with veggies will provide you fuel to get you through the afternoon crash. These are pretty sweet ways to stay satisfied and enjoy the good old sweet flavor without much detriment to your body.

Candida cleanse

Candida is a kind of fungus that lives in the human body and feeds on sugar. When you cut down on it, it may cause you to crave for sugar-rich foods and pose weight problems. A candida cleanse can be a solution. Take effort to find a candida cleanse option that fits your body well.

Take up exercise

Because eating sugar is largely a habit, there should be something to take your mind off from it. Physical activity will distract your attention from the cravings and prevent you from sitting around and struggling with the temptation of biting on a pie or drinking a sugary beverage. If you go for it on a regular basis, chances are you will drop the habit without even realizing!

Be honest with yourself!

If you have gone a distance toward killing your sweet tooth, please, try your hardest to follow through. It takes quite a bit of effort and strong will, but the game is really worth the candle. If you take a sip of soda or a bite of sweet dessert, it is not unlikely that you will want more. Backing down at this point may trigger a domino effect, which will deal all your work down the drain. You can afford a candy only when you are months into your struggle and happily realize that it does not make you want to have more.

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